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13 May 2011

Not Your Typical Princess


I’m not a typical princess,
I don’t need a prince charming,
I'm not living in a castle ,
Not wearing gowns of silk.

Instead I’ll slay dragons,
And protect my kingdom,
Train for war with the guys,
My hands will be stained with blood.

I’m on the single white horse,
In the front line of the battle,
Forever Queen of the court,
No second in command,
To tell me what do to.

I’m not stuck in the far-off tower,
Or cursed by a fairy godmother.
I won’t fall asleep at the spinning wheel ,
Or eat a poisoned apple.

I'm not a maiden in distress,.
I can save myself for harm,
No need to be protected,
Instead my opponents will .

I'm a force to be reckoned with ,
Monsters run and hide,
Witches flee with warlocks,
And vampires disappear.

I can’t be pushed around ,
Or locked away at night,
For I will never stop,
Until the story ends.

I’ll have my happily ever after,
But I'm writing my own fate,
My fairly tale ending is coming,
And I'm going to live on after.

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