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One day you will be faced with the impossible. When you become afraid, become inspired.

13 May 2011

Smile Through the Pain

Eyes of the deepest blue
But lighter in the middle,
Rimmed in coal black liner,
Cry out tears of salt.
Steady and bitter, with lines of
Mascara running down pale cheeks.

What has caused this pain?
A broken hear, torn in two.
Just barely held together.
Shattered by a single act.
Never to  fully heal again.

Only time can help this hurt,
With nurturing friends along the way, but for
Some of them, help will pull apart the wound,
Not knowing that they do, but
Injuring the one they try to save.

A pain for deep within,
Bubbling to the top,
Pouring out of love sick eyes,
Raining down on untouched shoulders,
Staining the purest heart.

What do you down when you feel so bad?
Crying will only get you so far,
So build yourself a bridge,
And smile through the pain ,
For some day, the void will fill
And you can live without the fear of being hurt  

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