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22 November 2011

Like You Cared - Poems To A Friend

titling toward the sun
filling our lives with beauty

wishing you were here
sitting besides me now
holding my hand when I’m scared
urging me to try new things

sitting on the beach
sing to our favorite songs
as the fire slowly burns behind us
watching the sun slowly set

its what we say when we're nervous
 not knowing what do to

what has the internet done to life
 not knowing what is true or not
 how can u tell if he really likes you 
when all you get is emails
our parents lives were easier then this

best friends
always by your side
telling them your  heart
knowing their lives better then your own

what is it
a word
 an emotion
 or just a sense of connection
 how do u know if you in love

how can u tell it from in between the lies
who tells it
and u says they do but don't

a childhood memory
riding bikes 
and building snowmen
swing sets and monkey bars

laughing in random outbursts
to jokes said long ago
turning red in the face
or falling to the ground

they clear my mind
never having to make sense
simply flowing out

why do teachers give it
are they just bored
or do they want to keep us from our friends

smiling down on me
a secret source of warmth
making new life grow
sunshine, peeking through the clouds

a single wish
upon a star
or in a well so deep
can keep us hoping
for what is to come

single stars
staring up silently
watching us live our lives
come out
for one
help the poor

if stars were diamonds
I’d make u a necklace
with the moon as the pendant

staring down at me
watching  my every move
helping in my time of need
 knowing my every thought
You are my secret angel

helping the poor
get a better life
fixing wounds
and healing hearts
touching those around you

 sweet and fresh
 a candy cane
 or cold ice cream
stimulating your mind
 and cleaning out you breath

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