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13 February 2012

A Greek Valintine

O how  the Greeks
Wore their hearts on their sleeves
And fell into love at first sight
With gods and mortals alike

Love has many sides
Dotted with drops of blood
They cannot live without the other
Not parting in death

Sometimes love is unrequited
Loves being chased
Changing shapes to get away
Or disappearing into the water

Birds soaring across the skies
And flowers blooming in the spring
Those favored by the gods
Never turn out in the end

Silly girls in love with heroes
And the two can never be together
Many things keep them apart
The god’s meddling in our fate

Love has a brother in emotion
Jealousy raging green
Passion in the palest pink
And joy dancing with the rising sun

Changing seasons mimic cupid
Selene and Apollo chase across the sky
People sit among the stars
Living on forever

Gods have many lovers
Mortals whom will die
Or gain immortally
Tasting sweet ambrosia

In myth children never love
And laws are never just
Love has not owner
So to whom does it belong?

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