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One day you will be faced with the impossible. When you become afraid, become inspired.

01 May 2012

Life's Little Pains

For the first time in months I want to cry
I’m not sure what caused it though

Lack of sleep? I find it over rated
I haven’t gotten to bed before 10:45 in a week

Hunger? I didn’t finish dinner
It was too spicy to eat

Heart ache? I wish Paul would knock it off
Its killing me inside

Maybe its simply because I read a sad book
It was great but sad

Stress? I’m starting to drive and mom wants to many things
She really needs to make up her mind

I’m not really sure but as the quote says
Never let the sun see you cry

I have a best friend
But what use is she if I can’t talk to her

Ya in theory its my fault for being lazy
But o well

Tomorrow’s a new day
And the sun is coming out

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