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01 February 2013

Compilation: For My Little Book

black and white mortality
holding hands
rising from the earth
when I laugh loudly
I become beautiful before my death

do you believe
sneaking up behind us
brought together

paying bills
fall had barely dropped
wrapped in black
coming to a close

whose here now
I've been called a million names
many things shape a person
disregarded, thrown away
I must stand for what I believe

conscious, love
many great voices
two faces
first swimming in life

eyes bright as stars
no applause
your only as strong

two fighting for one
soft snow flutters down
walk away
embraced in sorrow

bright attentive, alert
independence free
who I am
speaking without words

a foreign phenomena
a shoulder to cry on
there's so many words
I've always been alone

great music
her happiness
toadian words
cherry vanilla

black fog
although pain rips through my body
everyone finds the place
if I didn't love you

blood, bitter in my mouth
laced up in spots
I don't understand
I'm tired

what does the sun look like
in and out of existence
smitten by your love
sometimes I wonder

a compass
I wish the knoll would sing for you
when done at will
my constant lover

I walk upon clouds
some people wear their scars on the outside
my heart beats fast
I need your help

the minute you get close to someone
be nice to everyone
it was unfair of me to trust you
you yelled for me to open up

I'm the girl with the broken smile
the first meal I eat without you
everyone has their opinion
the quite coolness

we didn't speak today
you never know
sometimes the ice
this little book has gone so far

as your breath your last breath

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