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One day you will be faced with the impossible. When you become afraid, become inspired.

15 May 2013

Happy Birthday Jacquie

A lifetime building for this moment

Adulthood within your grasp

As you go off into the world

Remember your roots


I may not have mentioned it

But I simply adore you

You changed my life for the better

And inspired a passion


Life has thrown many troubles your way

Yet here you stand

A beautiful, successful lady

Of whom a proud to be a friend


I was standing around

And nothing bad was happening

Yet I found my cheeks stained with tears,

I relized I was losing you


I now the future will pull us apart

But I beseech you to stay in touch

I promise to send interrobang in the mail

Made with love and hope


When I see your art among the books

My heart swells with pride

I am pleased and honor to fill the shoes you leave behind

And hope to due them justice.


Little more than a week we have together

But I am not sad

Because we had two years of happiness

And many more to come


Happy birthday sweetheart

I’m glad you exists

Keep it up

And keep in touch

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