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07 May 2013

Spots of Time

My spot of time is not a land
Tainted with muddy steps
Of others seeking solstice
Not a bird crying out
Nor another living soul
Here I am truly alone

My spot, a book, thick with words
Which thousands have also found
Upon the screen a loss
But lost in its pages I’m found
Embraced in crisp pages
The outer world fades away

It’s not lonely in this bound in world
No, my friends of youth live here
As each volume of time released
I grew in my self
Lead in hand by the author’s breath
Forever imprinted on my soul

Which book, you ask, has power
To pull the reader in
And watch her age
Smiling as the addiction grows great
No words vile does it hold
But a wizard and his owl

I, inspired by her love of knowledge
Driven through the pages
I pen this now
She, the reason I force to write
And excel in education’s grasp
Her I have to thanks

Who needs a role model of flesh
When a perfect one in ink lives
When my mind becomes murky with life’s woes
Into this spot of time a dive
Content once more.

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