A Poet Never Sleeps

One day you will be faced with the impossible. When you become afraid, become inspired.

17 August 2013


Sitting still, holding my burden,

When suddenly I was hit

Flying down the hall I finally come to rest

History whispered me its woes

Maps danced before my eyes

The miss came by but I was hidden

Forced to hold another door


A janitor came to clean

And again my journey changed

Now many tongues surrounded me

The languages of love they danced

This trip I enjoyed yet I was lonely


One afternoon I found myself falling

Falling down flight after flight

Wounded and embarrassed I saw numbers

Slowly clicking away

Discovering something new


Movement now in music

A symphony played before me

Angles singing throughout


Down to the art halls I head

I posed for great masterpieces

Then doodled on in ink


Thrown through a hoop in the gym

Through a pep rally I stood

Watching in awe at the masses


Drawn by the kitchen’s spell

I was covered in greasy bits

Heard children chatter about their day


Past bones hanging on the walls

And scientists mad I ran into such

Standing still he did not see me


Scared and neglected someone picked me up

Her hands were warm and soft

Painted robins blue but chipped

The misses name wrote on my said, she read

Set down again in my own room


She discovered me with a squeal of delight

She lifted me up and dusted off my sides

Bright orange, shining again

She rewrote her name, I was home

Pleased to be back to my own door

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