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One day you will be faced with the impossible. When you become afraid, become inspired.

21 November 2013

A Boy and A Girl

She never meant to cause him pain

He never meant to fall in love

For her it was a summer fling

For him the chance of a life time


She was fine with flirting then moving on

He had his heart set on her

All his dreams did she fulfill

He couldn’t save any of hers


She never set goals for the future

While he planned theirs out forever

When she took flight she gave no thought

 Yet it killed him in a breath


Now he’s been with a girl or two

Always comparing them to her

They never understand

Why they couldn’t heal the hurt


He crosses her mind from time to time

But she never regrets a word

A tinge of guilt for the pain she caused

But she’s happy none the less


He’s still sweet for her

He doesn’t understand

They still talk from time to time

But it isn’t quite the same



Perhaps one day he’ll stop and think

Of the time they spent apart

And see that he’s grown stronger

Without her in his arms


Maybe one day she’ll stop and think

Of the time they spent together

Realize the good that came about

And promise to forget never

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