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One day you will be faced with the impossible. When you become afraid, become inspired.

12 September 2014

And I Can Write Again

Why can’t I write about this

Why can’t I cleanse my heart in the usual way

Why must I hold this inside to stew

Only to gush out at the worst of times


This is the secret I keep from everyone

I keep from myself

I bear it in total silence

Always going inward


Perhaps a little part of me

Wants people to know my soul

So I write it down

But this is more than that


This is not my soul

 But the color of my past

I refuse to be defined by it

So I hide it deep within


This is a double edge sword

No one knows so I can’t be judged

Yet I can’t talk about it

Or I will be so


Maybe if I don’t admit it’s there

Like the people that I hate

It will go away

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