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17 September 2014

Thoughts on Falling in Love with a Broken Heart

My heart has been broken, so, many times

That it will never be repaired

Instead it sits broken

Into hundreds


Of itty bitty hearts

Each beating on its own

Yet all at once


Love is but a myth

Clung to by fools

Who fear falling into oblivion

I care for every drop of life

Am fond of every existence

Kindness, the closest to this forever

I want to kiss the stars


Can each shard love differently

My tomorrows beautiful

My forevers long

Perhaps I do not love one soul

But humanity in every form

Not a life

To which I won’t give my own

No cause too mighty

Or person insignificant


A broken heart

Has many windows

For love to wiggle in

Many pieces

To give away as I please

Love comes to a broken heart

As rain on an autumn day


Often cold

Sometimes, sometimes forgiving

Yet it always brings a smile

And you must dance

To the clamor of a million drums


I hope my heart breaks again

And again

And again

Each scar proves I’m open
To every drop of life

To every single beat

That I never stopped once

Stopped giving more

Tomorrow is still coming


I pity those with a single heart

For how does love flow

Into a room without doors

How do you hear a song

In absolute silence

A broken heart need not heal

But only keep beating

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