A Poet Never Sleeps

One day you will be faced with the impossible. When you become afraid, become inspired.

10 March 2015

Just that you let me in


That stupid smile flashes across my face

Your head is in the clouds

While I’m here on the ground


I know I catch your eye down here

Like a beacon in a storm

O how I wish to hold your hand

And help you weather through


My heart aces for what pains yours

I hunger for your words

Yet I must step back

And let you fight your battle


I haven’t told you yet

Although perhaps you know

I'm head over heels for you

I see forever and it terrifies me


I adore you

There is trust and respect

Something there that feels like love

But it’s obscured by fog


You cling to toxins past

Look to others for your own opinion

Eyes batted with other girls

These hurtles stand in our way


I can accept that you value your friends

The relationship you share with them

Of course I’d never ask for it to end

Just that you included me


As for the other girls

I get it you’re a romantic and care too much

Kind, respectful, funny

You’re every girls dream


The ex’s break my heart

Don’t get me wrong I trust you

I trust you

But it breaks my heart


We’re avoiding this conversation

Between just as friends

And something more

What stands in the bridge


I love you

I love you

And I want to be there for you

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