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10 March 2015

My Secret

I’m not sure how to say this

It terrifies me to my core

To be so vulnerable to someone else

Yet I’ve found myself opening to you


Let me not stumble over my words

Which cannot express how I feel

The chaos rages within

Yet this remains constant


Over our six years

This fact has come to light

A simple truth

Finally coming to light


Very soon our time might end

Without this being said

I’m holding back due to things unresolved

I wish to drop this weight


Even though I am unashamed of how I feel

And I’m almost positive that its reciprocated

I can’t tell you this

Not yet anyways


You must be aware of how I feel

My actions surely tell my secret

Couldn’t you make the first move

Take the jump instead


O how I crave to tip the scale

To finally admit to you

Accept whatever change comes my way

I pray you agree


Unless one of us speaks up

This will never come to be

And we will be soon to fade

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