A Poet Never Sleeps

One day you will be faced with the impossible. When you become afraid, become inspired.

27 August 2011


yesterday i cried
and then again today
im not sure what went wrong
it wasn't ment to be

did the lines get crossed
because i can't hear you now
your lies stain my cheeks

i can't keep getting used by you
at your slightest whim
i feel like i should just walk away
never to look back

i've laughed more then i cried
but when i cry it hurts
all the joy is gone
replaced by deep sorrow

but im seeing you tommorrow
and you'll never know i cried
so for now
all i can do is write

21 August 2011

I want to change the world

Happiness comes for the little things,
Summer rain showers and sunny days,
Trips to the mall and my funny cats,
A new pair of shoes or the latest movie.

Beauty comes for within,
Your personality and confidence,
A smile and a laugh.
What really makes a girl perfect?
How she views herself .

Love is unconditional ,
Hope is never ending,
Joy comes from within,
And peace can be world wide,
Hunger doesn’t have to be a problem,
And you don’t need money to be happy.

I want to change the world ,
To end sorrow and disease.
Why would someone hurt another?
I’ll make a plan to stop it all.

Anything can be done,
If you just believe,
That love is louder,
Than the pressure to be perfect.

14 August 2011

Spazzz and Stella ( My Not-So-Little Cats)

Sleeping the day away,
A love without an end,
There in the morning ,
And then in the eve,
My cats are always here.

Stretching out in the sun,
And curling up in the cold,
Peeking out the window ,
To watch the birds fly by.

She wakes me in the morning ,
And crawls across my desk,
As she “helps” me with  my homework,
Always looking for attention.

Walking in a line,
with  an untold grace,
a watchful eye,
constantly investigation,
life as it moves on.

loving, playing, napping,
life for a cat is good.