A Poet Never Sleeps

One day you will be faced with the impossible. When you become afraid, become inspired.

25 May 2013

Empty Senses

Close your eyes and read

Close your ears and listen

Someone’s work illuminated

A symphony performed


In a beating heart

And in every breath

This is where the pieces live

Not bound by simple pages


In the mind’s eye

Different for everyone

Blind men see more

Of the painter’s vision


A fog settled down

Muffling the world

Clouded by our senses


Take your time

And be beyond


Lockers stand, hanging from their hinges

A bell rings yet no one hears

Wind howls through the halls

The only sound interrupting the silence


Books piled haphazardly in the corner

Overlooked by book cases gathering dust

Computers do not hum anymore

Nor do boards hold words


People look away as they pass by

Students scorn the likes

Grass grows slowly yellow

And birds find homes in the gutters


No war has broken out

No, the school year’s end instead

Everyone home, suffering in the heat

Piled under summer’s woe

Amoretti Villanelle

With every breath I write

Ink, a medium of simple love

Of a passion shining bright


In the darkness, words a light

An angel’s tear fallen from above

With every breath I write


Some do not see with such light

They view only in shades of dove

Of a passion shining bright


Push me down try as you might

You will not receive a pale glove

With every breath I write


Do not speak with words of spite

Instead whisper sweet foxglove

Of a passion shining bright


Rest your heart, do not fight

You are the light that I dream of

With every breath I write

Of a passion shining bright.  


21 May 2013

Lady Liberty

Made by French craftsmen

For their foreign lover

Bright copper did I shine

A beacon of love for people new


A tiara graces my brow

A torch held firm in hand

Great words settle on my feet


As thousands have past me

Looking for their future

I stayed still paten


Films portray as a monster

Or a crumbled guard

Yet I am more


A time long symbol

Known by all  

Mona Lisa

Behind a pane of glass I sit

Strangers capture my image

Stroak my smooth oak frame


In class rooms global

My demure discussed

My father thought me beautiful


I had a smile bright

Yet slowly did it fade

Stolen by my many admirers


Many wars and joy have I seen

Sometimes displayed, a crown jewel

Others hidden in the shadow


Thousands of years old

Yet may beauty remains

Till time itself shall end

Jacquie and Calais Yearbbok 2013

Each mind closed

A new idea born

Without evil

There can be no good


Met in the past

Together in the present

Meet again in the future

Always changing, never forgetting


My dears, goodbye, see you soon

Our time together was good

Big shoes must I feel

Although not undaunted


Words cannot express

My undying love for you

You raised me, my mothers

Through times of joy and sorrow


Disney your gift to me

Properties a passionate future

If one day, I work a film

A single fairy rose I shall leave for you


Face to face, years till we see

Yet here in ink I shall write

To you so you may hear

How your child has grown


With love, thanks and sorrow



15 May 2013

Happy Birthday Jacquie

A lifetime building for this moment

Adulthood within your grasp

As you go off into the world

Remember your roots


I may not have mentioned it

But I simply adore you

You changed my life for the better

And inspired a passion


Life has thrown many troubles your way

Yet here you stand

A beautiful, successful lady

Of whom a proud to be a friend


I was standing around

And nothing bad was happening

Yet I found my cheeks stained with tears,

I relized I was losing you


I now the future will pull us apart

But I beseech you to stay in touch

I promise to send interrobang in the mail

Made with love and hope


When I see your art among the books

My heart swells with pride

I am pleased and honor to fill the shoes you leave behind

And hope to due them justice.


Little more than a week we have together

But I am not sad

Because we had two years of happiness

And many more to come


Happy birthday sweetheart

I’m glad you exists

Keep it up

And keep in touch

07 May 2013

Spots of Time

My spot of time is not a land
Tainted with muddy steps
Of others seeking solstice
Not a bird crying out
Nor another living soul
Here I am truly alone

My spot, a book, thick with words
Which thousands have also found
Upon the screen a loss
But lost in its pages I’m found
Embraced in crisp pages
The outer world fades away

It’s not lonely in this bound in world
No, my friends of youth live here
As each volume of time released
I grew in my self
Lead in hand by the author’s breath
Forever imprinted on my soul

Which book, you ask, has power
To pull the reader in
And watch her age
Smiling as the addiction grows great
No words vile does it hold
But a wizard and his owl

I, inspired by her love of knowledge
Driven through the pages
I pen this now
She, the reason I force to write
And excel in education’s grasp
Her I have to thanks

Who needs a role model of flesh
When a perfect one in ink lives
When my mind becomes murky with life’s woes
Into this spot of time a dive
Content once more.