A Poet Never Sleeps

One day you will be faced with the impossible. When you become afraid, become inspired.

22 June 2012

Catching Up With Time

In a metal castle
High on a mountain top
A pile of red ice
The sun blazing in the background

Leaves fall from trees
The hill tops set on fire
Air growing cooler
Nights becoming longer

Stars paint the night sky
Diamonds in the distance
A sparkle in the dark
Burning soft and strong

Moon gazes down
On a plant long since clean
Animals homes being destroyed
With every human breath

Off in a lab
A cure is found
Bounds to save the world
One teardrop at a time  

Spotlight: The Real Me ( its a song in prosses)

I say I just want to be me
But I really I’m trying to fit in
Don’t want a spot light
But I’m going to  win

Pick a niche
Find a fit
What you gonna do
Act like you don’t care
Act like you don’t see
What you gonna be

Act like someone your not
To find out who you are
I’m not asking for a spotlight
But for my chance to shine

I’m going grow
Where no one can see
Just to find
The real me

In A Castle

A quiet constant noise
Air, sweet and damp
Light heat settles down
Pulling awake the morning day

Age buried high above the ground
Memories set in stone
A crown glittering with stars
Thrones crushed in velvet

Breezes swirling overhead
Some quick and sharp
Others slow and tired
Chilling and warming the room

Intricate patterns carved in wood
Arches sculpted of white plaster
Lamps blown by skilled hands
Animals shot and hung on walls

Here in this palace of luxury
Time stands still  

Stain Glass

Bits of green glass
Shimmer across my path
Broken from an empty bottle
After a drunken night

Walking home on foot
Riding out, into the fold
Running towards something,
Or away for the unknown?

Just as glass distorts light,
Many words alter the truth
Time changes a person’s fate
And love connects or destroys

Each of our choices
Leave bits of glass
Each piece coming together
To create our self portraits

11 June 2012

Through The Eyes of a Child

Life is best through the eyes of a child
Their greatest concern is happiness

They live a sheltered life
Where mom is queen and dad is king

At this age they impression easily
And its our duty to guide them in the right direction

My childhood was filled with bubbles and veggie tales
I lived for Sunday school and VBS

Now I want to return all that I’ve been given
To every child that crosses my path

One day, I hope that they will do the same
And change the life of someone else

My life goal has fulfilled  
Because I know that I have made a difference

In the life of a child