A Poet Never Sleeps

One day you will be faced with the impossible. When you become afraid, become inspired.

26 January 2014

I'm Waiting ; but not for long

As I step back

You inevitably follow

Chasing a fallen star


You deny you crave a taste

Yet tension grows

As I turn away


More desperate with each step

You fight to stir attention

Perhaps the truth revealed


But from once a willing hind

To a coquettish humming bird

No longer live for your touch


Only a grand act now

Can capture my interests


I only ask for a candle

What goad will cause you

To reveal

What hides beneath gossamer lies


Your guile pains my heart

As condor is avoided

I was beguiled by your light


Now in the obscurity

Fog dulls my senses

And it’s euphoric


Yet I crave clarity

To clear the mist


As time salts my wounds

This smoke oozes in

Choking me


In order to pass the test

Understand what I mean

Not what I say

Read my mind

Not my lips


A personality splits

Based on where it sits

I choose who you see

She changes with my needs


Perhaps a summer rose

You’ll meet

Or the raging storm

Depending on the day


You must learn to dance

With each partner you meet




16 January 2014

But don’t want to admit it

It would be smart to hate you

Ignore you



But inevitable we’ve been thrown together

Our similarities rear their heads

And we make plans


You say there is no hope

But I feel it



Perhaps others have turned away

Yet still I stand

Perhaps you’ve missed me



You will be there

Deny my name

And proclaim your distain

Then whisper to me sweet words


Were these true thoughts

And a change of heart


A public face

To inner thoughts


Tell a lie

To draw my attention


I want to hate you

To forget and move on

Yet I forgave


I’m still not sure of tomorrow

Yet I know



White man’s burden.

We live in a hungry world

Where children go unfed

As food is thrown aside


Millions go without homes

Men who served our land

While the wealthy sit in castles


Thousands cannot read or write

Afraid to ask for help

But private libraries flourish


A hip costs more than a car

 And new plagues rage

As fake beauty grows


We claim to help

But line our pockets



Into the silent conquest


So empty

This past month

Nothing really there


Now fear rages

Courage forms

Ready to fight

The oncoming battle


A sudden fall unto the field

Immediately bombarded

No comrades at my side

Survive five months to win


Each battle day to day

Many not declare the victor

But lengthen the road