A Poet Never Sleeps

One day you will be faced with the impossible. When you become afraid, become inspired.

29 April 2012

Silver and Gold

Precious metal, expensive
Bells, chains, and mirrors
Traded and stolen
Fought for in war
Metals and their influence

Braces, cars, jewelry, houses
Everywhere you look
There it is

Happy and sad
New and old
Copper and bronze
Forever mixed

Red and Pink

Tulips and roses
Passion in the night
Blood pumping through our veins

Apples, ripe and juicy
Lipstick, staining the edges of coffee cups

The past tense of read
And the first color on the rainbow

Sweet cotton candy
and finger tips
Flurescent tutus
and poka dots

New love in the air
Soft kisses in the light
Life begining with its' First Breath

Yellow and Orange

Smileling from within
Deep in side my heart
Sunlight and flowers
Finishing a new book

Bright, simple, and untainted
Thick and warm
And easily spread
Laughter in the breeze

Summer rain falling in the eve

Fresh and Juicy
friendship roses
the sun setting in the sky

happy, warm mixed,
red and yellow
the perfect match to blue

pumpkins in the fall
lights on Chirstmas trees
flowers in the spring
and summer beach balls


Talking to you
I feel like crying
And singing
At the same time

You want me to move on
You talk about other girls in your life
And then tell me you love me

I’m so confused

28 April 2012

Mi Lobi Joe

I love you
Three simple words
With so many meanings

Like a friend?
More than that?
I don’t know

Every time we say goodbye
Its what I get back

You tell me about other girls
So I blocked you out
To keep me sane

I’ve loved you for years
And your just now catching on?
Just when the window closes
You see the light.

I’ll still be your friend
But the tricks end here
My only hope
Is that one day

You realize that
Mi lobi joe

02 April 2012

Epiphany of Friendship

The moment that surprises you
When a person speaks their mind
When misconceptions fall

Your friends surprise you
And you notice that
You’ve made a difference

When someone offers your trust
And show that they care
Introducing you

It takes my breath away
and I loss all words  
bliss over flows

discovering that a person felt that way
and introductions change you view

reading my mind
and speeding my heart
a connection with  another

I’ve had my just like sisters
But never a best friend
When even our fight
We stay together

Stage Crew 2012

Had a lighter taken to my wrist
And forest to wear all black for weeks
I stayed after to school for hours

And gave up my winter break
Get yelled at by directors

And climbed 50 feet in the air
Got attacked in a group hug

And covered in whore makeup
Guns, fire, drugs, and rope
Baskets overflowing with cloth

Chasing across the curtains
Then sitting in stifled silence

But I’m not complaining
The stage has become my home
I live for tradition

And the trill of the night
This is my past, present, and future,
Build new memories

I can take pride in what I do
And my eternal family
Never will I work

With this group again
I’m growing new respect
For the arts

I wanted to thank you all
For the few months
That will last a life time

What is Love?

A sweet sugary caramel
Cuddled in the moonlight
Fresh on a young girl’s face

Shining in starry eyes
Clouded by misty perfume
A tree with branches intertwined

Pure as snow
Tainted with  ivy jealous
And crimson lust

Pulling at heartstrings
Burning from within
Stealing the oxygen we breath

Deep in every heart it grows
A primal instinct, searching for the one
Finding him or looking till you die

Adrenaline after tender kisses
Butterflies dance in nervous stomachs
Many sleepless night dreaming of tomorrow

Spiders as a Medifore for Love

A venomus spider
Whose’s poison flows through all of us
Killing us slowly

We’re all caught up in her web
Struggling to break free
But we’re all drawn in
By her sudcutive ways

Get too near and you’re bit
An instant addiction
That you cannot live without

Her many eyes see all
None exscape her watch
Or leave uninfected

Her web holds our world together
Her fangs tare us apart
The venom clouding our judgments


A million fish in the sea
I swim alone
In a stary night
I am the shooting star

Relationships make drama
Spread rumor and take effort
A fog settles in
Thick as the secrets kept

I get to be me
And do the things I love
Never worrying about judgment
I am happy

I don’t need a guy to have fun
When I have such great friends
Instead I throw myself into everything I do
And look for the light at the end of the tunnel

One day I’ll find my prince
But I’m in high school
And need to focus
On me, myself, and I

01 April 2012


A new adventure
Just around the corner
Waiting for her chance to shine

You never know what she holds
Getting to start each day over
A fresh start in life