A Poet Never Sleeps

One day you will be faced with the impossible. When you become afraid, become inspired.

07 December 2013

To Catch Me When I Fall

Love is a tricky thing

Something I’d rather avoid

Regardless of what’s to come


Society says you must

You says to try

My heart whispers yes


Logic argues that I don’t have time

I can’t keep my life together

So what’s the point


But romance yells back

About dreams

About unknown happiness


Does the reward out way the risk

Will it be worth it

Who knows till it’s over


I think I might

But only if you promise

06 December 2013

And I Call Into the Darkeness.

Stepping out into the single digit world

Where the air begins to bite

And a crisp silence falls


Snow crunching underneath

Hiding deadly black ice

Slink with a burning cold


A lone owl calls in the distance

For a lover in the night

His feathers crusty with frost


Just the two of us in this frozen eve

Both so alone

Yet we have each other


Strength bubbles up

Breaking through the bitter flakes

And warms the soul



The Hero Generation

Life has its peaks and lows

Look into the past and see

Now we quickly fall to the bottom


We bare the weight of the past

As we push to succeed

All eyes on us


Seventeen trillion sorrows sit

Ready to be slain

They hand us their swords


What is around the corner

For we are the last of our kind

Now it is do or die


Take up arms

Against our parents’ follies