A Poet Never Sleeps

One day you will be faced with the impossible. When you become afraid, become inspired.

27 February 2014

That When I Do You'll Leave

I cut the cord

Said no, I’m done

Joyfully turned the page


And that very moment

That the page fell

You called out to me


Although I refuse to bend

Again and again you flirt

Proving this not mere coincidence


Every fiber of my being begs me to relent

But intuition reasons

No Good in the Bye

A pretty little trinket

To be taken off the shelf

When others are around


Your knew that it will sit

Till you put others in its place


You want new ones to fill the time

To meet what others think


You never thought someone would pick it up

To learn to read the book


But not it is my freedom


For you were a chapter in my book

And I was merely a line in yours

12 February 2014

Timid or Indifferent?

As traces  begin to fade

I begin to doubt the fire

Accept my love unrequited


A spark in the dark ignites

A smile that reflects the past

Sends mournful clarity spinning


Is this how we’ll spend our time

Dashing between times of joy and sorrow

Craving love in the darkness


You say I make you smile

Yet no a smile you spare me

What is this?

A Single Breath of Hope


Your mother’s smile

Glances over the wheel

Our fingers intertwined

Or your hands on my hips

Those bright socks

Sprinting through the parking lot

Drunkards falling over

Sparkly Christmas lights

Leaning on pizza pallor bars

A single lost glove

Slow dances, swaying softly

Swing dancing to pop music

Meeting your friends

Showing each other off

Receiving sly smiles

A crushed white rose

A damp dog nose

A crisp eve

Plans for the future

Talks of the past

But End the Night as Friends

A night beyond words

Smiles dance on my lips

As my story unfolds


Although our time was short

Each moment simple bliss

They affirmed my silliest dreams


But a few questions come to mind


Where does it leave us

Could we have filled more time

Will we progress tomorrow


We spent the evening lovers

Our finger interlocked

Was All I Really Wanted

Guns raised

Locked and loaded

Hiding behind the corner

Ready to shoot


When the white flag was dropped

Completely out of the blue

Old plans thrown out of action

And bitter anger dissolved


Although the past not forgotten

Perhaps a sincere unwarranted apology

Our Patchwork Quilt

They don’t stand against you


Only for themselves

Their triumphs

Not your needs they see


The easiest ways to hide a lie

Is to bury it beneath truth

A little lie

Lost in the sea of reality

Unable to show its colors


Maybe these gossamer threads

Hold our universe together

Seamlessly knitting and unknotting

As I Finally Slay the Beast

Who was I kidding

Pretending all was well

When anger rages


What did it achieve

Shoving the pain down

Turning blind eyes away


Although all teeters on the edge

Time baralles past

Threatening to tip the scale


As my world crumbles on all fronts

Your weight is no longer tolerable

From a casual flea to an obtrusive leach


I will inform those in the shock wave

Try to exude grace and class

That Our Break Might Come

We never sit content

No we seek for something more

Reaching for unattainable rewards


Why do we fight for this?

Pushing us towards tears

For something we’ll never hold


To end on top?

But in this day and age

Only chance will take you there


The unfortunate truth, although,

Is that hard work must be done

 To stumble upon this opportunity


With fingers worn down to bone

We cling to ghostly joy

06 February 2014

What do you dream about when you're awake

If you peer

Under dreams of grandeur

A beautiful home filled with children

Passionate love with a compassionate husband

Days spent in a pleasant job

Time augmented with art


There you find reality

Bitterly glaring back

A cramped apartment shackled with debt

Settled with an imperfect match

Rushing through meaningless labor

To go home, to chores and exhaustion


We put our noses to the grindstone

In our sleepy nine to fives

Searching for the places of our hopes

The man, the children, the job

But all in vain for we are working  still  

A Connection Deep Inside Time Itself

Your wronged me in the past

Yet I forgave



You continue to test my hand

Yet still I forgive



For love is patient, kind

I take no joy in sorrow

And my love is ineffable


A passionate love for humanity

A fondness for the past

Perhaps a desire to tie loose ends


A dash of renewed hope

A dream for tomorrow


For a good traveling companion is a rare gift

Drifting through boundless space

Sending out gossamer fingers

Searching for others cloaked with raven


Some you meet and their touches burn

Others you meet and drift off together

No longer lonely in the void


Some pairs come together and break apart

Some despairingly seek their match

Some settle for one less than perfect


Grasping blindly at midnight

When our thoughts intertwined

A quick spark illuminates the darkness


Dazed by changing tides

We float beyond time itself  

Together in Opaque Warmth

You predict my thoughts before I know them

Anticpate my unspoken needs

Answering silent questions


My fears begin to melt away

As we draw closer

Your presence mollifies my heart


I dream of our tomorrow

The word we dances on my tongue

I smile as it falls


Enchanted by you

I am incorrigible

As a happy damsel


Perhaps we’ll float

In blissful haze

02 February 2014

Timid To Tip the Scale

How my hand has missed yours

I found myself craving your embrace

To have your smile aimed at me


I took a nervous leap

And you stepped up to catch me with open arms

Relief and joy washes over me


Although tomorrow is not certain

The future seems bright

Strong and re-growing


I don’t’ wish to see eager

Yet my heart soars

I sit in demure silence

And Reopen Old Wounds

I like the way things were

A little frustrated

But happy


The time has come

For girls to speak

So I took the jump


Now with everything motion

My heart races

Waiting to see the end


Will it be good

And solve our problems

Or end poorly


The One With the Stronger Will

Yes, every fiber of my body screams

Do it, my heart demands

Please, for me, whispers hope


These demands disturb my thoughts

They call history and the spoken word

This is futile they argue


Some allies say go for it

Others say don’t you dare

One sees hope, the other pain


Act quickly or lose your chance

Or go slow, don’t take risks

Which side wins the battle?

What's the point in having doors in a house made of glass?

Although our paths untwined

To each other we stayed devote  

Perhaps this was meant to be

To avoid future gauche


Our connection breaks social norms

Other don’t understand

Our Irrational Magnetism

We draw closer and closer

While looking farther away

How long till we hit

And our forced to acknowledge  


When a spoken word comes alive for the first time

Not a lack of thought

Or bitter holding back


Some days a happy break

Others weary defeat


Craving to say more

Or content with what’s been spoken


From some I can draw from

A few I feel full


But most leave boredom in their wake

Consumed by their petty lives


By waste precious words

On such trivial things

Whether Those of Wisdom, Love or Hate

A set number of words

I give each day

To be taken as they will


If by the end of the day

You find an empty tin

Then silence you will receive


Please do not grow in anger

For your time will come

When my words for you will flow


Each day does not hold

The same type of words


Invisible Man

On the trail towards growth

Old pain dug up

And constant echoes ring


I never thought they’d come again

Yet the don’t slow me down

Although still catching me off guard


More and more as time passes

The ghosts of old actions

Even in places untouched


Still reaching with dead hands

To hold to metamorphic life

It falls through opaque fingers


It imbues my life with sorrow

Now all that I imbibe

Filling hollow bowels

To The One Who's Always Cherished You

Our love is hoary

Yet you are not ignominious


A new idea has come to light

That you grew in six months’ time

To appreciate platonic love


Passion rages yes

But we are so young

Innocent to worldly pleasure


Yet this is what youth crave

Not available companionship

Or blossoming intellect


Maybe a malevolent touch

Or halls of empty silence

Have opened leaden eyes