A Poet Never Sleeps

One day you will be faced with the impossible. When you become afraid, become inspired.

29 December 2012

For Emma, For Everyone

Sometimes the people with the hardest lives
Are the strongest ones one you know.
their strength while in pain
makes you want to cry

no words can express
every feeling inside
mixed together
in order to be viewed

those without pain will never understand
only sympathize
they try to convey hope
in their apologies

everyone does everything differently
each emotion a rainbow
trapped within

through the pain and suffuring
in every frustrated tear
find strength

26 December 2012

Just A Little Twisted

Most so easy to read
practice made me perfect
old and young,
in all relations

yet these two
one older
one younger
each related to the other

at times I think they flirt
others not so much
feelings mixed
and I lost

each close as family
no desire in my part
each pertaining to other girls
and still they flirt

The Will Always Call

Walking through the mall
Mom and brother in tow
Crazy aunts behind me

Wrapped in leather
and ill fitting jeans
yet still they flirt

then my mother
bless her heart
comments on it all

its reassuring just to know
that no matter wearing what
or with who

21 December 2012

Abby Christmas 2012

Two steps forward
One step back
Always by my side

Whether rainy ABBA concerts
Or waist deep in mud
Every moment an adventure

Thanks for the year
And here’s to the next
May fortune be in our favor

In retrospect
Living without regrets
I smile

Happy to be a wing girl
Or dance the night away
All for my best friend

And although the frame is filled
Our story isn’t over

05 December 2012

Start Again

I’ve lost the ability to breath
Pain smothers me from within
Sorrow pushes me around

But with your support
And my inner strength
I will dance again

For now I may trip and stumble
Falling to my knees
And yet I try

Take each breath anew
Every tear washed away
I return to my place

Take A Breath

So many things happen
Without you knowing
And you cannot react

But when cool truth blows in
And reveals the light
Then healing begins

Treat every thought with caution
The weight they hold unknown
Helpful or hurtful

To everyone I’ve touched
This I write to you
As my apology

From here and now I change
To be a better me
Without pain or sorrow

May I pull you up
Instead of pushing down
Change the situation

My presents
I wish
Bring a smile to your face

Although eager to fill your shoes
I step into the shadows
And quickly bow my head

In a circular motion
Telling all
I write

From Thirteen and My Birth

Black fog
Settles down
Hiding the truth

Tears that stained my cheeks
Now fall in your sight
Every word a dagger

I wish to break free
And start again
As my own

My age inhibits me
Paying you my money
Pushing me down

In a timeless age
Maybe these tears
Wouldn’t have to fall  

In His Memory

A flash of red
An electric chirp
The slam of a door

Thick hand lotion
The sounds of shower
This blue pen

A radio station
A chrome flame
The right door  

Bar Maid

Cherry Vanilla
Flirts from across the room
A toss of the hair
And a twirled skirt

Closed eyes
Speaking without words
Coy smiles
Hiding inner wit

In the corner eye
Golden fate twists
Murmuring softly to herself
Plotting her next cloth  

What Do They See

No coquettish airs
Simply kindness
Confidence and sincerity

No great figure
Do I poses
Befitting an Abbey

Exalted wit
without accentuation
a silent savant

climbing into my tower
under own lock and key
I seal my hear away

I fear fro my companions
Sure I’d lose them
I could hold

Times brings in life
Yet no room for dust
Sill it settles thick  

Courting Snakes

Time flashes by
A constant history
Those who eat dust
Crawl towards me

In crystalled light
Shines around me
And as it dims
I fight the shadows

No decision
Comes without consequences
All unrequited loves
End in broken hearts

Why is it
That as the dust falls in
And I struggle to breath
Now they approach

A Flower Wanted

A baker’s dozen
Fight for a single rose
Yellow spiked with pink

Down the same trail
They ride
Unaware of each other

Even one at a time
Threatens to crush the bloom
In their endless hunt

This bloom still a bud
Her beauty not reveled
Undesired to flourish

With age and knowledge
The bloom peaks
All in her own time