A Poet Never Sleeps

One day you will be faced with the impossible. When you become afraid, become inspired.

28 October 2014

Words of Advice from a Guy Crazy Girl

All these boys whose eye I caught

Now others’ eyes they catch


But I don’t mind

I never did

For this never lasts

Each glance a different breeze

Passing through an open window

Perhaps they’ll ring the bell

And disappear again

Only for a new spirit

To take their place


Their differences keep me laughing

Between the old and new,

What I expect

And what I'm learning





You stand

And my heart stops

You call my name

And the room falls silent

A collective breath in taken

Shakily I stand

Thoughts race through my mind

Every fear and hope crashing into one

You say you’re sorry

That can we be friends again

A watery nod

And then a tight hug

As if we’re afraid

That when we let go

This will all slip away again

I whisper I’m sorry


As I sit down

Relief crashes over me

A smile splits my face

The next morning I sing and dance

We act as if the last months never passed

A pause button reset

Stopping only to apologize

Conversation flows again

As if it never stopped

Perhaps rough water lies ahead

But we can take it on