A Poet Never Sleeps

One day you will be faced with the impossible. When you become afraid, become inspired.

29 December 2012

For Emma, For Everyone

Sometimes the people with the hardest lives
Are the strongest ones one you know.
their strength while in pain
makes you want to cry

no words can express
every feeling inside
mixed together
in order to be viewed

those without pain will never understand
only sympathize
they try to convey hope
in their apologies

everyone does everything differently
each emotion a rainbow
trapped within

through the pain and suffuring
in every frustrated tear
find strength

26 December 2012

Just A Little Twisted

Most so easy to read
practice made me perfect
old and young,
in all relations

yet these two
one older
one younger
each related to the other

at times I think they flirt
others not so much
feelings mixed
and I lost

each close as family
no desire in my part
each pertaining to other girls
and still they flirt

The Will Always Call

Walking through the mall
Mom and brother in tow
Crazy aunts behind me

Wrapped in leather
and ill fitting jeans
yet still they flirt

then my mother
bless her heart
comments on it all

its reassuring just to know
that no matter wearing what
or with who

21 December 2012

Abby Christmas 2012

Two steps forward
One step back
Always by my side

Whether rainy ABBA concerts
Or waist deep in mud
Every moment an adventure

Thanks for the year
And here’s to the next
May fortune be in our favor

In retrospect
Living without regrets
I smile

Happy to be a wing girl
Or dance the night away
All for my best friend

And although the frame is filled
Our story isn’t over

05 December 2012

Start Again

I’ve lost the ability to breath
Pain smothers me from within
Sorrow pushes me around

But with your support
And my inner strength
I will dance again

For now I may trip and stumble
Falling to my knees
And yet I try

Take each breath anew
Every tear washed away
I return to my place

Take A Breath

So many things happen
Without you knowing
And you cannot react

But when cool truth blows in
And reveals the light
Then healing begins

Treat every thought with caution
The weight they hold unknown
Helpful or hurtful

To everyone I’ve touched
This I write to you
As my apology

From here and now I change
To be a better me
Without pain or sorrow

May I pull you up
Instead of pushing down
Change the situation

My presents
I wish
Bring a smile to your face

Although eager to fill your shoes
I step into the shadows
And quickly bow my head

In a circular motion
Telling all
I write

From Thirteen and My Birth

Black fog
Settles down
Hiding the truth

Tears that stained my cheeks
Now fall in your sight
Every word a dagger

I wish to break free
And start again
As my own

My age inhibits me
Paying you my money
Pushing me down

In a timeless age
Maybe these tears
Wouldn’t have to fall  

In His Memory

A flash of red
An electric chirp
The slam of a door

Thick hand lotion
The sounds of shower
This blue pen

A radio station
A chrome flame
The right door  

Bar Maid

Cherry Vanilla
Flirts from across the room
A toss of the hair
And a twirled skirt

Closed eyes
Speaking without words
Coy smiles
Hiding inner wit

In the corner eye
Golden fate twists
Murmuring softly to herself
Plotting her next cloth  

What Do They See

No coquettish airs
Simply kindness
Confidence and sincerity

No great figure
Do I poses
Befitting an Abbey

Exalted wit
without accentuation
a silent savant

climbing into my tower
under own lock and key
I seal my hear away

I fear fro my companions
Sure I’d lose them
I could hold

Times brings in life
Yet no room for dust
Sill it settles thick  

Courting Snakes

Time flashes by
A constant history
Those who eat dust
Crawl towards me

In crystalled light
Shines around me
And as it dims
I fight the shadows

No decision
Comes without consequences
All unrequited loves
End in broken hearts

Why is it
That as the dust falls in
And I struggle to breath
Now they approach

A Flower Wanted

A baker’s dozen
Fight for a single rose
Yellow spiked with pink

Down the same trail
They ride
Unaware of each other

Even one at a time
Threatens to crush the bloom
In their endless hunt

This bloom still a bud
Her beauty not reveled
Undesired to flourish

With age and knowledge
The bloom peaks
All in her own time

18 November 2012

Salted Carmel

Toadied words
Become sincere
Over time passed

Filled to the brim
A factices of noise
All for show

So much thanks
To just a few
Covered in shinning film

Ready to unwrap

17 November 2012

Given to You

Does the act of
Thinking about something
Make it happen?

Is the spoken word
Power enough
To get things done?

In my dreams
They give to me
What my future holds

In every word I say
A new story begins
With I in control

In every key
Drives me forward

As I say
And as I do
My advice

16 November 2012

Water Mark

Have you ever woken up
And had to wash
The tears off your face
Discovering how you slept

They say your dreams
Reveal who you are
but how about when
You do not dream?

The pain is slowing crushing me inside
And taking away my dreams
Leaving to fight
For everything I love

Trapped in this home
Cold creeping in
Surrounding me in its embrace
I dare not breath

So many suitors
Chase for my heart
How do I turn away
With simple grace

I must stand strong
And forge ahead
Move away from this
From me 

Everything seems so shallow
And meaningless
Why do we try to appease
Everyone above par

Here and now I grow
For tomorrow
I can’t leave
Before I know

10 November 2012

Miss Anony

No one knows who I am
Or where I’m from
And I like it like this

I’m never remembered
But always there
Giving you a hand

I might not change the world
But make it a better place
Without you knowing

I like you I am
Not invisible
But not seen

04 November 2012

My Best Friend’s Beau

Her happiness
Is all that matters
And  this what you gave her

How can I hate you
When you make her smile
This is my question

Seeing you, I realize
That we think alike
Just in different ways

We many not have a lot in common
Except for her
And that’s all we need

To be neutral  

Piano Poetry

Great music
Of those before
Plays my soul

Every up and down
A perfect concerto
Out for the world to hear

I listen to modern
Because it blocks the pain
That the classics reveal

But I don’t care
Because I don’t want to fight
Just listen

Because life without music
Would be flat

Yes. No. Maybe?

I’ve always been alone
But never lonely
More alone now than ever before

I’ve lost the will to smile
But it will return
All in due time

Tears choke down
What I want to say
But I feel safe

Around you
I pretend
But I don’t have to

Do I ?  

Peter Piper

There’s so many words
That have gone unsaid
Unable to fill the silence

I’m not angry
Never have been
Just lost

Although I stop speaking
I never stop caring
Instead I’m consumed in thought

Is all I ask

Of you  


a shoulder to cry on
a good laugh
would bail you out of jail

if you weren’t there next to me
through thick and thin they stay
you give into sleep

just a phone call away
but what if I couldn’t
pick up the phone

or you didn’t answer?


A foreign phenomena
No fiends from afar
Nor mares in the night

Not situation
Of hand or heart
Shall make me stand and shake

Like a tear
It has no purpose
Only to draw attention

Aware of certain sights
I stand to fight
This thing called


27 October 2012


Its funny

When you feel awful
Wanting to give up
And just scream

Then you see the person you like
And it goes away
Life is good

You didn’t expect to see them
Yet there they were
And you smiled

Right there next to me
Not sure if you knew
But you made my night

So many laughs we shared
You leaned over and whisperd in my ear
A suprise

Thank you

26 October 2012

Derive For X

Speaking without words
In facial expressions
And gestures

A smirk, a glance
What do they mean?
I think I know

We don’t have mutual friends
So how could you know
Are you sincere

This is my dream
Your next move
Towards me


Who I am
Is unimportant
I go by all

My name is infinite
My face a mystery
My heart regardless

A perfect reputation
Known to everyone
I control my fate

Who am I ?

Blue Box

Independently free
Over those hanging on
I fly alone

I walk with my shadows
Ultimate compassion to all
Never staying

My only weakness
And a child’s cry

A constant presence
Admired and feared

The Doctor  


Bright, attentive, alert
A shoulder to cry on
For you will

Modest , demure, quiet
Let you shine
Your moment came

I’ll stand on the side
And hold you up
With out me

Who would you be?


Embedded in sorrow
A perpetual foul mood
Letting time slip away

I must shake this off
And carry on
Laughter in the breeze

Amoretti dance
Flit around my heart
With them I let go

No anger or pain
Light as first

Don’t cry because its over
Smile because it happened


Walk away
Choose someone else
Carry on

Without your knowledge
If you notice
Will you care?

I’d like to hope you do
But how do I know?
I wish you knew

How your actions
Effect another

25 October 2012

Soft snow flutters down
Kisses from coquettish winter
Wrapped in the embrace
Of gentle cold

Spun sugar settled
Sweetening our hardship
Telling of the pleasures and pain
To come

Many happy memories
Tainted by sorrow
Time speeding by  

Mine. Yours. Ours.

Two fighting for one
Not against each other
But for her

Same side
Same goal
Different reasons

He for her love

I for our friendship

A part we may fall
Together we win

Our own

24 October 2012

Checkmate My Dear

This game
Dancing across the board
So black and white

You made your move first
And seem to always win
And I except

In a room full of numbers
We play alone

A battle of the wits
My years stand against me
In your favor

Little complements
You toss across the field  
When I catch you off guard

So make your move
Take me as your queen
You my knight in armor

Till the end of time
Never stopping



The door opens,
My heart jumps
Thinking you are home

But you’re not
You’re never coming home
You left me

Here with these people
This constant pain
You were my only hope

I have to stand strong now
And protect what you left
From the pain that’s fallen

You could always save me
Make me smile
Now you’re gone

Why should I stay
Surrounded by this
When I could run

To my new life
A better future
Without you is this


23 October 2012

Good Bye Version #3 Petrarchan

To my bright summer rose I sing
My life I would give to you, love
You came into my life from above
Thank you for the many joys you bring
This is where I stand, for you begging
My heart soars on wings of dove
Your beauty mirrored by foxglove
My sonnet set to the winds’ soft cooing

I might not seem a simple dope
I have lost the desire to try
But sadly your love has gone astray
Although our moments fade I hope
My only wish to say goodbye
To never scare your heart away

Good Bye Version #1 Shakespeare

To my bright summer rose I sing
My life I would give to you, love
Thank you for the many joys you bring
You came into my life from above

Although our moments fade I hope
To never scare your heart way
Sorrow set deep I dare to mope
But sadly your love has gone astray

And try I may I fight
For the chance to proclaim my soul
I lose you to the morning light
This may be daft our customs ole

I have lost the desire to try
My only wish to say goodbye

Good Bye Version #2 Spenser

To my bright summer rose I sing
My life I would give to you, love
Thank you for the many joys you bring
You came into my life from above

My heart soars on wings of dove
Although our moments fade I hope
Your beauty mirrored by foxglove
Sorrow set deep I dare to mope

I might not seem a simple dope
To never scare your heart away
Our fate has gone, fallen down a slope,
But sadly your love has gone astray

I have lost the desire to try
My only wish to say goodbye

21 October 2012


Hello Beautiful
This follows me
My outer-shell

I wish you would stop
Labeling me with
What was given to me

I value most
My mind over matter
Who I am

I relies this
That I should accept
Each one with a smile

But it burns so deep
So painful
That I want to cry

I have to be strong
I have no other choice
But it doesn’t stop the want

How can I say this
It would hurt the other
And make me a narcissist

I don’t want the attention
No I crave less
Not invisible

But hidden


History repeats itself
This has been proven
In my life

I’ve lost all my best friends
I’m losing you
Did I ever have you?

I’ve developed an attitude
“ it doesn’t matter”
but that’s a lie

I does matter
And I’m scared
And worried

I don’t expect anything from this
You reading now

I don’t want a conversation
Just a new perspective

Wanted by Nine

So much attention
That I don’t understand
Does my past affect this?

Attention that I understand
But don’t want
Neither can I rid

Where do I place
My attentions?
Where do I go?

So many
Cast their looks towards me
How many are sincere

At this point in time
Its not what I desire
But what I’ve been given

How will I fend against
Without  getting hurt
Or hurting someone?

If only I could confide
In someone

Without fear
Only unbiased advice
Sadly it does not exist

Have I been wrong
Or is this all for real
Does my old soul



I knew I never had it all
But what little I had
Now I have to share
With him

Maybe if there was someone
In my life
Then I’d have more time
With you

These last weeks have been hard
Learning how to cope
How to be me
Without him

I worry that I’ve lost you too
Will you ever know
What you mean
To me?

For reasons I can’t explain
You mean the world
A sister’s love
For my best friend.

18 October 2012

Shooting Star

You’re only as strong
As the one you love
You can only fight
For what you have

Give more than you take
And one day you’ll find
That your dreams came true

It happens in odd ways
Never how you expected
Little victories


Bow Tie

No applause
For something you love

No work, joy
Pain free, passion

Each breath a gift
Life a stage

Pages to write on
Lips to kiss

What will your story
Say about you?


No Me Gustaria
De hombre

Que dijo
Que pienso
No importa

Es loca
Cuando me enamore
Mi vida

No quiere salir
En la manana

Me río


Eyes bright as stars
The world a playground
Endless love, laughter,

Never lying
Couldn’t if they wanted to
Not wanting too

Grasping on to memories
Older times
Newer life

To a child
The world never



First swimming in words
Then feeding the hungry

Directing notes
Chasing stars

Running forward
Never enough time

Jump, cook, clean
Organized chaos


Whatumacallit, Thingamajig, Chimychanga

Two faces
One name
One face
Many names

I go by all
Responding obediently
I have no name
No connection

I play many parts
A hot for each
Everyone knows me
But no one knows

Dancing to no music
My own drum

Free, lost

Shakespeare’s Shadow

Many great voices
Sang where I stand
Will I measure up

A thousand poets wrote before
And still I compose
Will I be remembered

I must draw upon the past
Singing along, changing lines
Taller I become

Written in ink

A Choice

Conscious, love
Heavy the are
Unstoppable, unavoidable

Without them
Emptiness fills in
And takes over

One cannot stand alone
But together they rise
To crush evil and despair

And form new growth
From the ashes of old
They flourish


I must stand for what I believe
Against all odds
For what is right

Nothing crosses my path
Than I cannot fight
I am strong

Although I kill with kindness
And heal with guilt
I am not malignant

Or benevolent
Like an angel of love
In the dark

I sing

Another Day

Disregarded, thrown out
Standing to the side

Simply moving through the notes
I gave up

On fighting for you
For us

As you walk away
I cry for your return

Silence follows

Falling Up

Many things shape a person
Affect them
Meeting you changed who I am

For better or worse
You came to me
And turned my world around

Each activity I join
I become more me
And lose myself

You’ve let me slip away
Even shoved me down

Cheshire Cat

I’ve been called a million names
None of them my own

I’m admired by many
But for the wrong reasons

Behind my eyes
I must stand strong

To hold up against the world
Of misconceptions

In the end
Who am I?

12 October 2012

Pit Stop

Black Birds
Dipped in blue

Dance among the branches
A sparkling fire

Here they play
Just beyond the pane

Away they fly
Back to the nest

Down to the South
To the warmth

To return again

Classy Men

Wrapped in black
Hung in a prism
Hair tripped back

Smelling of musk
And tonally fit
Perfect, a pure paradigm

Dressed in silence
Voice like an angel
We dance


Whose here now
Who will be there for you?
Who is never coming back?

Looking into the past
Cramming for now
Preparing for the future

A window opens
When some who you thought
Was a “just-for-now”
Turns out to be more

When all of this is over
It will be all we have  


Fall had barely dropped
A sun about to set
When frozen snow crept in
Dusting everyone in ice

Still gold teardrops fall
Encrusted in diamonds
A thick blanket over all
Not taking its turn

Disguised in rain
Coquettish winter
Taking fall’s glory


A New Job

Paying bills
Water plants
Racking leaves

My father’s jobs

Doing dishes
Laundry, feeding fish
Cooking dinner

Now they are mine

Mom retreats
I rise above
Taking over

My family’s keeper  


Brought together
Through a year’s time
Love between seasons

Then when rain comes,
You stood beside me
But now you’ve left

When I need you
You broke
So I came

Instead of falling apart
I saved you
And still you ran

Trying not to lose myself
While losing you  


Sneaking up behind us
While we look for air
On a midday breeze

A bright icy fire
Dancing into death
A cold sunrise

Illness racing through

Coming in death
Removed with labor
Buried with joy

Our beautiful mistress
With a chilly glare


Do you believe?
In messages for the unknown?

Signs for another level
Little things, caught off guard

And arrow in blood,
A single rose

Images beyond the grave
Or in our own backyard

I don’t
But it’s a good story.


Happy Father's Day

Dear Dad,
Happy father’s day
I love you very much,

 For all that you give me.  
 You’ve taught me so much,
How to ride a bike,
And how to tie my shoes.

When I grow up,
I want to be like you,
Caring, loving, giving,
Smart and brave.

We have so much in common,
Music, movies, books,
Our inside jokes,
And catch phrases.

I love watching repeat movies with you,
And eating candy bars,
Reading more and more.

You support me in all I do,
And encourage me to do new things,
You’re always there for me.

 Thanks for all you do,
 You grill and fix the house,
You cook and clean it all,
Making coffee in the morning.

I love you very much,
Happy father’s day,
I’m proud,
 To be daddy’s little girl.

10 October 2012


It keeps you young
And ages you
Showing in the eyes

Fake or real
 It does not matter
They always mean the same

A simple beauty in those sincere
Bitter distance in the fake
Shining pearls 


Standing in the shadows
Here I live

Although I scream out
No one hears
My silent pleases

If I sit here
All alone
Will I disappear? 


Hello You Here Me?

What is wrong?
I call shenanigans.

It is hard to miss such beauty
Fallen on the ground
Withering in despair

Here I sit
Rejected  by the ones I hold dear
An sung victory

Alone in peace
Without rest
In this endless dance

I sing 

Not in the Plan

Today I danced in the rain
And met the guy of my dreams
But I’m just kidding
It didn’t happen that way

It didn’t rain
It poured
I found Mr. Right
But he was just a prank

I was stabbed in the back by a friend
And had my heart ripped out
I was left there to die
As my future walked away

But I refused to give up
And let life pass
Instead I'll wait for the rain to stop
And the joke to end

27 September 2012

This is What You Left Me

And abandonment

And uncertainty


Presents From Daddy

Little things
Coming in the mail

A new speaker
A single screw

Packages piled high
Evidence of your life

Filled with the things you love
Packed for the one you love