A Poet Never Sleeps

One day you will be faced with the impossible. When you become afraid, become inspired.

30 April 2013

Forever In Time's Line

all complaints listened to
yet I am happy
a mournful smile

every laugh out ways the sorrow
I regret nothing in our past
even the anger

for it let us grow
form the weed in a sidewalk crack
to a garden blooming with life

a love without bounds of preconceptions
a segment of my soul incarnate

To My Ramblings

thousands read my words
my heart revealed

but I take a comfort in it
nothing is hidden
completely honest with myself

if only the ones written about
knew this exsisted
what would be different

a lot I hope
new respects and emotions
a different esteem

my heart grows weak
thank you for listening

I Will For Now

perhaps the picture has been filled
for now anger bubbles up
on and off this school year

yes many things have changed
since that first day of science
but maybe not for the best

a bitter confrontation is not on my to do
is it necessary?
perhaps it is because I think of it

I don't want to lose you
but this hurts
I want to hide it


a fortnight comes to close
on our imperfect masterpiece
no surprise or regrets in its embrace

a dance, a movie and a drink
all that stands to tell
of the few moments spent

to close and fast to last
this is the reason you gave
justified in its reason

a dull sort of loss
edging away at my emotions
friendly conversation and advice, a lie

a future I can not see
how am I to plan?

I miss it all

17 April 2013

But I Do Not

they say music reveals the soul
eyes a window inwards
can you carry the weight of the past
that you didn't know existed

I've pulled my self down
trying to stay strong
which battles am I going to fight
who can be the victor

what faith do I rest upon
with all these questions: facts
my actions dictated by morals
that grew from nowhere

my father is my light
a model to live by
presented by him
maybe he had a god

But Who Has the Box

an uneven division of labor
unfair to us all
to carry on in this fashion

calm waves kiss the beach
candle light softens the darkness
a piano hums in the background

let us spark, rekindle anew
standing in our words
silence foams within

in feelings, thoughts and moments
few interactions come to be
but the state stands strong

every thought and action inclines towards you
a match struck and off we go
evaporating this misty uncertainty

My Life Gone Ferrel

at the age of two I was tied to a pole
given food and left
waiting for them to return

countless horrors presented
no truth in sight
who was my family

now grown and broken
my baby girl tried to kill herself
disowned for the one I loved

hidden from daylight
limited by the moon
where is my peace

decades have pasted since then
others merely days

A Lover's Passion

it might not be a masterpiece
yet proudly I display
although rough around the edges
beauty in it I find

not written in stone
nor signed on certificate
a few curls along the paper's edge
is all there is to cherish

a great hall may not buzz
but under the breath mumbled
not an elaborate waltz
but a simple swing

a collar of grandeur, no
a simple glimmering drop
with joy I wear

An Angel's Smile

A bitter cold sweeps in

Filling the valley with damp clouds

Ice clings to every surface

A slippery gloss clouded by snow


A ray of sun peeks down

Not incredibly strong or bright

But when opportunity strikes

It graces my brow


Although its’ light is few and far between

It is I it chooses to shine upon

I welcome its embraces

During the chances I am given


Sitting here in the cool darkness

Its’ memory warms me

As the Good One ( The One That Got Away)

An argument sprung between us

Yet no pain do I feel

Am I secure

Or simply don’t care


No pressure of expectations

A casual romance

Blossoming carelessly

Yet with great beauty


I accept your many flaws

And you the  same for me

No excuses made

But understanding from within


Although I am the one to fit the pattern

I hope to leave a mark

A true gem among the ashes