A Poet Never Sleeps

One day you will be faced with the impossible. When you become afraid, become inspired.

24 August 2013

She is My Best Friend.

Cold, snarky, compassionless


Given by Machiavelli

Without an end in sight


A goal to score every guy

Regardless if they’re taken

Her only parameter?

If they catch her eye


Her prescription glasses rose

The world handed to her on a platter

The moment this changes

She screams at all to get her way


She changes through the days

During school the person foretold

On the weekends and breaks

When she’s all alone

But Will It Be Enough?

I made excuses

“ I changed

She was over stressed”


But now I see

A pattern emerges

And so I’ve explained

Yet dare not say


A compromise forms

I won’t abandon her

Nor will I be her kickstand


If it’s possible then I’ll try

Do this I promise

And give my all  

But Conceptually

I didn’t think it was possible

But it is

Admitting something was wrong

Fixed it  


Carefully over time

I’ve healed

Saw light in a new way

And I like it


Regain friendship

Find myself

Turn a new leaf

And fight harder


I was surprised

In under a year

A rebirth

Not spiritually

Instead of Back

It's not love

Barely a glimmer of hope

Yet a few subtle clues

Have given me a new outlook


Nothing is going to happen

But it's nice not to think

About him

Instead someone else to smile


Two friends have feelings

So I won’t act

No that would be wrong

But I will forget


It’s a little something

A reason to smile to myself

And look forward



21 August 2013

Little Brother

All alone

In this world

With no one who understands

Or so I thought


No he isn’t perfect

The pressure he fells unalike my own

But our situations are similar

Something I had forgotten


Although I’m older

And forced to hold his weight

He understands

And looks to me for guidance


An honest conversation later

And I feel better

I hope he does too.

Keep Climbing

Up upon a pedestal

Glancing down

Many looking up

Glaring, confused


The pressure for perfection crushes

Growing as you climb

With farther to fall

But more to earn


It’s harder to ask for help

Or admit you’re falling

Judgment comes with this

Augmenting the pressure


This is the road you choose

So keep climbing  

20 August 2013

Yoyo Kickstand

All alone

Forsaken by all

No one cares about you


This is when you run to me


Spotlight on you

Everyone around

A glance in your direction


And you forget again


This happens year after year

Month to month

All in a cycle


No middle ground


Either I’m all in all

Or none at all

No middle ground


And I hate it.  

Feelings Unable to Die

It happened

A summer waiting

And it’s here

The first day of school


I waited for this day

For you

My joy and dismay

How it worked out


Our lockers together

Lunch and class shared

Everything as I hoped

And nothing like it


A little flutter

And a glance

I know

It’s still there  

Reoccurring Dream

Given a mission

Each time I try

Although I knew the outcome


Here the roles reversed

My foretold villain a friend

My boss the ultimatum


At first I fought back

But now I don’t

The end is the same regardless


Here I can read

A rare occurrence

In this realm I fall


Always in a familiar place

Filled with strangers

Bathrooms never safe


Always beaten

Yet I always win

For now that is


No doubt in my mind

This will happen again

And soon

It always does

17 August 2013

I Never Told You How I Felt

I still miss you
It’s been three months since we broke up
To close of friends you said
Over text none the less
I still miss you
We never kissed
Or said I love you
Yet I fell hard
I still miss you
My heart a pulpy mess
Fluttering for the returning year
When I see you again
I still miss you
The sound of your singing
Brings me to my knees
Pen in hand.  

To My Mentor

The time may not be right

But I want you to know

I love you

Like the big sister

I never wanted, but needed


Why this poem?

Why now?

I want to call

But its 3am


I remember that day in the air lock

Thank you, I needed that

Brutal honesty



This isn’t goodbye

But see you soon.

A Steam of Consciousness

I want it to be pretty

So people will read it

I want to win a noble prize

John green is truly wonderful

Do people like this? Read this?

The mind is a wonderful place

Able to see all of time and space

On the head of a pin

So many simple things come together

To form all of humanity

I like rain, so joyfully sad

Originally clean, polluted by time

We can only trust what is in our heads

Or can we? Did the government tell us this?

To hide that it’s all a lie

Time doesn’t exist

Simply the present property

For we have no way to move between

Here and now and there and then


Sitting still, holding my burden,

When suddenly I was hit

Flying down the hall I finally come to rest

History whispered me its woes

Maps danced before my eyes

The miss came by but I was hidden

Forced to hold another door


A janitor came to clean

And again my journey changed

Now many tongues surrounded me

The languages of love they danced

This trip I enjoyed yet I was lonely


One afternoon I found myself falling

Falling down flight after flight

Wounded and embarrassed I saw numbers

Slowly clicking away

Discovering something new


Movement now in music

A symphony played before me

Angles singing throughout


Down to the art halls I head

I posed for great masterpieces

Then doodled on in ink


Thrown through a hoop in the gym

Through a pep rally I stood

Watching in awe at the masses


Drawn by the kitchen’s spell

I was covered in greasy bits

Heard children chatter about their day


Past bones hanging on the walls

And scientists mad I ran into such

Standing still he did not see me


Scared and neglected someone picked me up

Her hands were warm and soft

Painted robins blue but chipped

The misses name wrote on my said, she read

Set down again in my own room


She discovered me with a squeal of delight

She lifted me up and dusted off my sides

Bright orange, shining again

She rewrote her name, I was home

Pleased to be back to my own door