A Poet Never Sleeps

One day you will be faced with the impossible. When you become afraid, become inspired.

10 March 2014

Eagerly Searching Beyond Its Time

I grew up in my early years

Wise beyond my years

No need to gain my own knowledge


But mother nature,

The shrewd teacher that she is

Feld I could use a refresher


Sometimes I hide behind my youth

Light and carefree

Blending into the crowd


But in a blink of an eye

I aged ten years

The shadow falls on my face


Trapped in earthly bonds

As my inner eye flies ahead


In Chains From Birth to Death

We are prisoners of time

Made of ticks and tocks

Bound under a crystalline face


Each morning we beg our master to wake us

Angry still when he does

Yet each day we fall on our knees


We subject ourselves to his whim

In exchange for a few minutes of sunshine

We deprive ourselves


This master is not of nature

For birds don’t heed his presence

Yet still we flock to him


Although we lament our misfortune

We’d be lost in our forward motion


To Burn away the Fog

This ridiculas thing called love

A morass


On one side a familiar light

But drawing near it dims


Another one I hated and ignored

Not it shines brighter,

But it sits within a cage, unattainable


A new light appears

Behind it a mystery hides


A few candle tips flicker in the breeze

Not strong enough to follow


Perhaps a new star is needed

Instead I Turn and Run

I say I’m over it

As I walk away

When really I’m lieing


I held to that desperate dream

As you cease to care

Foolish little girl


Here and now my foot stomps

I hope my heart to someone else

Even if I only find silence


Enough of this resent full dance

Enough of shattered futures

Enough of awkward silences


No prolonged goodbyes




The Echoes of Lost Love

A single though haunts my mind

Frightening me to the bone

Calling open the gruesome past


A beast looming over me

Snarling from dark corners

Rearing its ugly head when least expected


Soon others notice this towering monster

Comments on its appearance

Some call for its life, others death


Unfed and ignored

The creature begins to shrivel up and die

Desperate for the light


It recedes into icy tombs


Flirting without action till the end of time


Too many thoughts to put on paper

How quickly by they fly


Yet your name stands out


Each time I grab my pen

It’s you I want to write about


In the dark

It’s my hand you seek


An unspoken agreement


Although nothings set in stone

I hope you make the move


Or perhaps we’ll live

In this endless purgatory


A Smoky Pillar of Noise

We both are trying

Practically running the other way

Swearing up and down the negative


But as we step away

Begin to warm up elsewhere

Affirm our separation


That’s when the universe hits

Inevitably falling together

Hit over the head by fate


As the cosmos spin about us

There you stand, still,


To Turn on the Light

Still as I turn away

Your reach out towards me

I am baffled by you


Again we teeter

Between tempting fate

And oblivion


Warm glances hidden by cool shoulders

Coquetry buried under school work

Subtle brushes in the crowds


More in love with you I fall each day

Although this I always will deny

We keep our dance in the shadows


Although time is running short

We are offered one last chance