A Poet Never Sleeps

One day you will be faced with the impossible. When you become afraid, become inspired.

27 September 2012

This is What You Left Me

And abandonment

And uncertainty


Presents From Daddy

Little things
Coming in the mail

A new speaker
A single screw

Packages piled high
Evidence of your life

Filled with the things you love
Packed for the one you love


What have I done
To deserve all this

A broken ankle
A runny nose


26 September 2012

The Most Important People

The man I loved,
The woman who raised me,
The boy I grew up with,
And my best friend.

To death.
To grief.
To ignorance.
To fighting.

Each one present.
Each one lost.
Each in their own way.

They aren't always here,
Never when I need them.


Mopping around the house
Softly sighing
Letting life slip away

There she sits
Surrounded by him
Not letting go

In the momemt we need to stay strong
She falls

Healing In My Own Way

A wound cut deep
Faintly scarring
Carry on

Each hug
Funny story or kind word

Salt pouring deep

Needing to stay strong
And let him rest in peace

21 September 2012


Pure radiant snow
Starless night
Crimson blood
Fiery sunset

The Time After

Black and white mortality,
Social pressures looming,
Trying to make up your mind for you,
Not accepting individuality .

Moving at a new speed,
Dealing with your own,
Everything blooming.

14 September 2012

Beauty and The Beast

Winding around,
Looking back,
Not knowing what to ask.

Thinking of the past,
Dreaming of tomorrow,
Dread and delight.

Climbing up the walls,
Thick with growth,
A new life.

Unexpected but prepared,
Terrified, excited,