A Poet Never Sleeps

One day you will be faced with the impossible. When you become afraid, become inspired.

18 November 2012

Salted Carmel

Toadied words
Become sincere
Over time passed

Filled to the brim
A factices of noise
All for show

So much thanks
To just a few
Covered in shinning film

Ready to unwrap

17 November 2012

Given to You

Does the act of
Thinking about something
Make it happen?

Is the spoken word
Power enough
To get things done?

In my dreams
They give to me
What my future holds

In every word I say
A new story begins
With I in control

In every key
Drives me forward

As I say
And as I do
My advice

16 November 2012

Water Mark

Have you ever woken up
And had to wash
The tears off your face
Discovering how you slept

They say your dreams
Reveal who you are
but how about when
You do not dream?

The pain is slowing crushing me inside
And taking away my dreams
Leaving to fight
For everything I love

Trapped in this home
Cold creeping in
Surrounding me in its embrace
I dare not breath

So many suitors
Chase for my heart
How do I turn away
With simple grace

I must stand strong
And forge ahead
Move away from this
From me 

Everything seems so shallow
And meaningless
Why do we try to appease
Everyone above par

Here and now I grow
For tomorrow
I can’t leave
Before I know

10 November 2012

Miss Anony

No one knows who I am
Or where I’m from
And I like it like this

I’m never remembered
But always there
Giving you a hand

I might not change the world
But make it a better place
Without you knowing

I like you I am
Not invisible
But not seen

04 November 2012

My Best Friend’s Beau

Her happiness
Is all that matters
And  this what you gave her

How can I hate you
When you make her smile
This is my question

Seeing you, I realize
That we think alike
Just in different ways

We many not have a lot in common
Except for her
And that’s all we need

To be neutral  

Piano Poetry

Great music
Of those before
Plays my soul

Every up and down
A perfect concerto
Out for the world to hear

I listen to modern
Because it blocks the pain
That the classics reveal

But I don’t care
Because I don’t want to fight
Just listen

Because life without music
Would be flat

Yes. No. Maybe?

I’ve always been alone
But never lonely
More alone now than ever before

I’ve lost the will to smile
But it will return
All in due time

Tears choke down
What I want to say
But I feel safe

Around you
I pretend
But I don’t have to

Do I ?  

Peter Piper

There’s so many words
That have gone unsaid
Unable to fill the silence

I’m not angry
Never have been
Just lost

Although I stop speaking
I never stop caring
Instead I’m consumed in thought

Is all I ask

Of you  


a shoulder to cry on
a good laugh
would bail you out of jail

if you weren’t there next to me
through thick and thin they stay
you give into sleep

just a phone call away
but what if I couldn’t
pick up the phone

or you didn’t answer?


A foreign phenomena
No fiends from afar
Nor mares in the night

Not situation
Of hand or heart
Shall make me stand and shake

Like a tear
It has no purpose
Only to draw attention

Aware of certain sights
I stand to fight
This thing called