A Poet Never Sleeps

One day you will be faced with the impossible. When you become afraid, become inspired.

20 June 2011

The Truth

Have you ever told the truth
 about someone you love,
 instead of lying
 to protect them?

 its now fun =(
the guilt inside my heart
eating at the seams
a pain from within

sometimes the truth hurts
and isn’t always right
speaking your mind can be bad
but telling the truth is worse

some are happy truths
love and acceptance
others are very bad
death loses and pain.

How do you pick which ones to tell
Who to help and hurt
Doing what’s right and wrong
Walking down the line

13 June 2011

My Prince Charming

As it rains above,
A few questions come to mind,
Is he out there somewhere?
Can he hear the thunder?

Standing in the street,
He fills my thoughts ,
Rain pouring down on my shoulders,
Wishing he was here.

Ice-y rain coming down,
I dream of my fairy tale ending,
A single kiss in the showers,
Dancing on the pavement.

Wrapped in his favorite  hoodie,
The smell of cologne within,
Sitting on the porch swing ,
Wondering what will happen.

Off in the distance,
A figure comes to form,
I run to open arms,
As the rain trickles over head.

I know I could ask for more,
I can have everything in the world,
But here in the rain,
I have all I need.

12 June 2011


There will always be another challenge
Mental, Physical, Emotional,
Each one comes and goes,
Replaced only  by the next.

One more book to read,
The next problem in the set,
A final page to write,
And the last note to play.

Another mountain to climb,
A mile more to run,
Lap after lap around the lake,
 And one more minute without air.

Teardrops in the rain,
A kiss goodbye,
The never-ending heartbreak,
And the inevitable death of love.

Running the extra mile,
And singing the final notes,
Breaking another heart,
 Striving  towards the goal.

Everyday a challenge
Each one filled with  risk.
Never stopping for a breath
Or to smell the roses.

This is how it starts and ends,
The circle of life,
Entwined within its challenges,
One after another in spins.

08 June 2011

The First Ride

Strapping on my helmet
Wearing well worn jeans
Tying sneaker’s laces

Checking over brakes
And examining the tires
Ready to take off

Soaring on the ground
Wind rushing through my hair
Cotton floating over head

Quickly turning corners
On top of smooth pavement
This is what I’ve waited for

The first ride of the year
On a bike long forgotten
Freedom of the road

Passed the local pool
The bite of chlorine in the air
Children laughing in the distance

Around the baseball diamond
Little league at play
Summer’s favorite sport

Riding until I'm sore
And all my water gone
Now I head for home

But only for the night