A Poet Never Sleeps

One day you will be faced with the impossible. When you become afraid, become inspired.

25 September 2013



So close we could touch

We can hear and see each other



Yet there’s something there

Like a pane of glass

Slowly growing thicker


Like sitting in a zoo display

 Built not long ago

Everyone looking in


Some glance in and leave

 Others sit and watch

None come in


So may faces coming by

But so alone

You Make It So

Who shapes your life






The past explains

Society dictates

Experiences of time



What feels right

The giants you stand on

The lessons you’ve been taught



Your superiors decide

Your history lays foundation

Seconds on the Hour



Its finally come

Two years building

Not with a bang

But with a whimper


The one you go to for help

The first with every news

Your advice giver


Not me anymore is it?


Has the coin been turned?

No. I haven’t begun again

Instead I simmer


I’ve tried to counter this

Join a new group

But it came to fast


A fall out with you

Before fully set up again

And now I drift


So strong I could lift others

I took it all on

Now I can barely hold my own


But I still have followers

How can I lead

When I can’t stand


Weak and at a drift

This is where I’m found

Now without you


How long till I hit the bottom

Falling as fast as I am

Look Up

That fire, once lost

Found again


But wait

It has not been mentioned

Will you say?


Yes a story told

Here and now




How will this flower blossom?

Only time will till

When does love out way pain?

There was a fire

Ready to burst

But it was lost



Its funny how a tragedy

When mixed with laughter

Is held at bay


This news would reduce me to tears

But I laugh



This is lightness

Not yet understood

Does it have a name?


Here boredom commands

Sprinkled with joy

A desk is not enough


18 September 2013


Warm and comforting

In any form

From dirty white

To shiny gold


Drizzled in oil

Or boiled and mashed

Buttery and savory



An alien in Ireland

Eventually it starved them out

Our ancestors brought you

Now we adore you


My mouth waters

And I grin




Climbing higher

With others following

Afraid to fall


Through gritty muck

Making progress

But sliding back


Sands of time piling up

With few beacons

Alone, universal


Relearn your ways

Adapting to a situation

Always changing


The loneliest I’ve been

Losing both homes

With failure after failure




I had a passion for school

So I jumped right in

And lost it


Now I wake to work

And work so I can sleep



Without passion, my grades slip,

I begin to hate my refuge

And shirk my goals


I need to get my butt back in gear

Regain control

By happy again  


How am I supposed to feel?

Society says one thing

But I feel another


Sorrow, grief and anger

To fall apart

This society dictates



Nothing “new” to come

A mere shadow


Losing an identity

Or regaining an old me

Lost in sands of time


One holiday standing nationally

A tragedy shouting inwardly



Fire after fire

Tearing us apart


Bullets raining down on the innocent

Countless times in years past


Children abducted and killed

Never to have justice


All this and we stand strong


Now waters threaten our way of life

Closing homes and doing harm


Its one thing is see it on the news

Another to have it in your yard


But we will prevail

By helping one another


One community, one heart

Made of many parts


Through trials and tribulations

We’ve had our share


Standing together

Now and forever

02 September 2013

Pressure Has Many Faces











And Which Pressures Crush?

Where does pressure come from?


From society for certain

To be perfect at everything

To fall in love

And never argue


From our parents

To get good grades

To behave

And provide grandchildren


But most of all from our dreams

To see the world

To never stop learning

And find true love


Have strong opinions

Yet never displease anyone

To leave behind a legacy

To be perfect


To discover something new

Each and every day

But which pressures drive

But How?

I try so hard

To be the best

At everything


Every club, I take part in

Every person, here and a friend

Grades, top of every class


Some say I’ve spread too thin

But I feel thick and trapped

To close to home


I want to be wanted

To never disappoint

To make a difference in our little world


I’m like but forgettable

Good but not great

Useful not necessary


No one to really talk to

No shoulder to cry on

I’m on my own


Work harder, longer, more

Know more people, skills, facts

Give 110% in everything

And It Scares Me

I’ve spent years preparing

Looking up, watching above me

Now I’m in charge

And its slipping through my fingers


I step back and suddenly it disappers

I thought I was ready

But now I’m here

And completely lost


Not enough pressure

And you drift away

Too much pressure

And you snap


I’ve never felt so involved

Yet so alone