A Poet Never Sleeps

One day you will be faced with the impossible. When you become afraid, become inspired.

24 February 2013

(And Save A Life)

life is a precious gift
a wonder not to be wasted
in any manner
( regardless of the situation)

life starts at conception
no more than an idea
yet still more precious
( ended before it began, the worse type of murder)

taking one's life
as any resort , last or not
is inexcusable
( remember the hidden lights)

life can be thrown away
through a talents gone unused
never give up on a passion
( you can change the world)

each of these offences
truly endanger everyone
so thing before every action

Your Beauty

I always wondered
what they saw in me
now I realize
they saw you

wisdom, love and passion
kindness, patience and hope
words to define you
that I strive to exhibit

although I am imperfect
you are not
each breath I take
only to glorify you

thank you for it all
past, present and future
all in your controll

On Religion

I thought I lost faith
instead it simply changed
from something I felt
into something I am

cutting through the darkness
your light shines through
forcing me to stand strong
give me the tools I need

looking into the world
I see the beauty of your creation
I wish to touch this majesty
in the way you've touched me

no matter where I look
you stand beside me
you in my future
draw me forward

For Your Desire

moved from the tangible
in the here and now
to a soul's essence
in the forever

may each of your majestic qualities
shine through me
use me as your footman
guide me in your ways

I fell it, a light from within
may it glorify you
I like to believe that others
can see you within me

form me in your image
shine in time

In This Thing Called Love

some things come effortlessly
others with time and practice
flirting with some is simple
a child's game

with you its a new challenge
because I care?
but I'm willing to try
because I care.

dancing in your arms
is something I wouldn't trade
I might be awful at it
but its something I enjoy

give me a chance
teach me this twisted dance
and I will be your partner


sweet words and tenderness
hides malicious thoughts from within
trying to make the day better
even for your enemies

those who have proved you wrong
deserve you to do the right
perhaps they can change
letting the lies become truth

any relationship can heal
if given time and care
no different than a plant or person
all can grow anew

never number your chances
both to send and to receive
give out the kindness
you wish shown to you

A Wasted Gift

I know you worry for me
because I refuse to do so for my self
although your concern touches me
its wasted efforts

I'm aware of the situation
which upon I stand
it may not be the best
but this is how I live

so stop your fuss
I'll be fine
both now and later
but thank you

sometime its best
to let the field lay fallow
something wholesome is sure to form
so let me go

Calais's Birthday Poem

I'm not sure if you know
but I love you lots
I'm proud to be your friend
today is your big day

I wasn't sure what to get you
to make you smile and sing
you have one of the prettiest around
and I hate to see you cry

my family away from home
you've given me a sanction
I realized I was at a loss
so I give you all I have

thank you for the years
and the many more to come
may a smile grace your face each day
a small fraction of what you've given me

I know this isn't great
but I love you lots

Poem # 13

the climax approaches
on our time together
a gentle snow drifts down
threatening the evening

a much anticipated game
steal all of the attention
but we will fight back
to gain what is ours

the show must go on
as the saying goes
playing with tradition
we dance

break a leg
on both occasions

Whispering Your Name

so pure and simple
honest without a doubt
the mere memory
kindles a smile

what you did, I'm sure
didn't take much of you
but it made my day
just a touch brighter

my many arguments
now fall out of use
although the way my mood swings a shame me
I'm glad its you who plays

you grace my thoughts
when I smile without reason
its the wind

Never Stop Exploring

there are many things
we can't control
all scary
yet some are beautiful

not a pleasant report
but it will hurt no doubt
it will be worth the reward
if you ride it right

don't be afraid to jump
into a world a new
we may not gain control
but understanding reached

When You Unplug

each wrapped in a world
listening separately to a chosen drummer
what influences your life
changes and controls it

how much do we know
about another soul
if we could look inside
what would we find

would it change our perspective
or something inside ourselves
to pick a new beat
or start to play ourselves

maybe it would
we'd have to see
all starting

I Like You Fred

the moment hits
one little thing
and you're smitten

catching you off guard
never forced or expected
tender yet strong

teasing comes from the ones you love
displeased in your happiness
overprotection you presume

thoughts of him
bring a smile in your lips
his presence a light

its new
but enjoyable

Blood Drive

the needle
long, silver and smooth
with a short pointed tip

a cuff placed above the arm
the vein revealed bright blue
its strength venerable

a smile warms my face
as the needle plunges in
dark red spills out

the act brings relief
the bag fills to the brim
I saved a life

the nurse smiles
you did well
handing me a sweet

Back at the Nursery: My First Friend

we went down the slide together
you before me
I landed in your lap

while we walked around
you dropped your drink
and I returned it to you

I think you're sweet
although you seem not like me
I don't mind

not a word we spoke the day
but still I wait in anticipation
for our moms to drop us off

18 February 2013


I made a goal
to bring a smile to your face
to repay my debt to you

I love you lots
and wanted to say thank you
for everything you do

the time we spend together
is truly invaluable
and words cannot express

I've ran of to words to say
what you mean to me
but I love you and thank you

what more can I say?


I don't want to take advantage
we have our ups and downs
but I love you

I decided to write a poem
for everyone I love
leaving them in their firsts

I hope you get a weird look or two
as you sit and read
but never forget

how much you mean to me
I don't want to overwhelm you
with the day to day

your bring a smile to my face
and a light to my day
thank you for it all

life is an adventure
and I'm glad you are by my side


Thank you so much
for all you've given me
without my asking
maybe one day I can return the favor

spending our  time tighter
makes me appreciate everything
just a little more each day
a truly invaluable thing

I was writing and felt inspired
to tell this all to you
and drop it off in your first
just to make you smile

one of the greatest moments
was when I met you
and you changed my life
for the better

14 February 2013

Following A Relationship

My friends sit about and flirt
Impaired by amber liquid
Such that their morals tossed aside
Gaily they laughed, unaware
Of the emptiness they try
To fill with simple passion
Not seeking euphoria
Yet I pour efforts in
To my mind and body fair
Help those who need a hand to hold
The palace where loves shall sit
Harbors sorrow and despair
A darkness tingeing inward
Bittersweet this space is

Walking under the moon high
My dark coffee cup in hand
Out you stepped, nose in a book
Unaware of my presence near
That is until the moment
Where our bodies did collide
Pouring the libations out
Soiling the ground we walked on
Bent over to retrieve the gold
Our hands met and our eyes locked
A quick murmured hello came
A flash of teeth from within
With dripping, book he departed
I’d never said I’d see you again

On this account I’m proven
Wrong in many ways it seems
For every night after this
I saw you slip out there
Still buried in the stained book
Unaware that I drew near
I took a step back to save
The two of us embarrassment
This phenomena occurred more
And we fell into our own times
I made the choice to ask you
As to what you called yourself
You smiled and laughed. James you said
And yourself you replied grinning

I did not want to date him
Principle I stood upon
Wary of the time spent
And emotional distain
How minuscule this may sound
The point is lot to me for now
But others beg the differ
They argue that it would be best
For me to find a hand to hold
Practice, they say, for the future
When I am to marry a man
I think I mind bend in if he
Asked me to read the coffee book
I would see what my friends meant

Sitting on my desk, a stained book
I recognized it was the one
Yours from the fateful day we met
On the inside cover smudged
His number penned in blue ink
I picked up the phone and called him
Confusion in his voice; hi
We met for coffee that night
And every night since the phone call
Gifts from his hand appeared, a rose
The book, you ask, is well read
I begin to see the reason
That my friends urged me to find out
Why I was looking for  today

My heart flutters out of time
When the lights in his eyes sparkle
As he looks across the room
Eyes locked, fingers entwined together
To stop thinking in the I
 Instead a we becomes a new
Walking on cloud nine; happiness
Through rose colored glasses I see
Our infallible love a lust
Nothing could go wrong  you my dear  
Together we share our housing
A fury little chap we share
Walking in the moonlight with him
His warmth removes the bitter chill

As time flies out the window pane
Your little errors being to shine
The bed unmade, a damp towel
Thrown aside, next to books unread
To busy, we became, to drink
The bitter gold that drew us near
Although we see each other less
My hands miss the constant grasping
Our moments, fun and few, I love
Little things we fight over now
Our passion beings to languish
Every conversation mixed with ire
We’ve decided to move apart
To save us from bitter words

Because we will not speak again
The sound of knolls fills the air
Eyes dropped when passing in the hall
When others asked where the other
A  trunk of my possessions filled
Smelling of you, dropped on my door
I place our this in the mail now
Pictures taken in photo booths
My sweater still bears your cologne
Your key dangles among my own
I changed the answering machine
Back to what it was, a sing
All this packing into a box
On top “ I am keeping the dog”

We came to a conclusion now
To go out and see someone else
Its for the best we decided
Instead of this awkward dancing
Your tried to fight for our Westie
But in the end I won the day
He misses you on your day walks
Pasted the school where were met that night
I have to explain again and more
Of why your presence is empty
You say we will be friends forever
A lie, I assume, I was right
I am positive that you know
Both sides of our relationship

Back to our coffee shop I go
Returning to my long lost friends
Missing their coquettish actions
I neglected my mind and soul
Them I re-grow, back to their age
Euphoria, I did not find
Instead the emptiness remains
Augmented by our time
In time this wound will heal again
I wanted to say thank you
For each smile you brought to light
You walked in, a pretty blond in hand
Ice-y diamonds drip from her hand
But I’m glad that you are happy

01 February 2013

Compilation: For My Little Book

black and white mortality
holding hands
rising from the earth
when I laugh loudly
I become beautiful before my death

do you believe
sneaking up behind us
brought together

paying bills
fall had barely dropped
wrapped in black
coming to a close

whose here now
I've been called a million names
many things shape a person
disregarded, thrown away
I must stand for what I believe

conscious, love
many great voices
two faces
first swimming in life

eyes bright as stars
no applause
your only as strong

two fighting for one
soft snow flutters down
walk away
embraced in sorrow

bright attentive, alert
independence free
who I am
speaking without words

a foreign phenomena
a shoulder to cry on
there's so many words
I've always been alone

great music
her happiness
toadian words
cherry vanilla

black fog
although pain rips through my body
everyone finds the place
if I didn't love you

blood, bitter in my mouth
laced up in spots
I don't understand
I'm tired

what does the sun look like
in and out of existence
smitten by your love
sometimes I wonder

a compass
I wish the knoll would sing for you
when done at will
my constant lover

I walk upon clouds
some people wear their scars on the outside
my heart beats fast
I need your help

the minute you get close to someone
be nice to everyone
it was unfair of me to trust you
you yelled for me to open up

I'm the girl with the broken smile
the first meal I eat without you
everyone has their opinion
the quite coolness

we didn't speak today
you never know
sometimes the ice
this little book has gone so far

as your breath your last breath

Through You

as you breath your final breath
remember you live on forever
in my beating heart
and on the global mind

each child of your pages
lives on in eternity
sharing their message with the world
a single heart at a time

if only you could go on
o the stories you could tell
you would write your own I'm sure
based on he ones I've told

not a secret spilled
instead released
by me

You Stayed Wtih Me

This little book has gone so far
filled with my every thought
till the pages bled ink
and the spine fell apart

nine poems left to write
a final violet kiss
until we say goodbye
where to set this down

another book begins to breath
inked in the same script
but there's something about this one
that I'll never forget

like an old friend
through thick and thin

With Something Healty

the first meal I eat without you
by my choice
and I'm excited

this time apart
forces me to grow back
from where you killed me off

I relies now
I ignored those I cared about
to be with you

but they have welcomed me back
and I'm so glad
I can restart

Is Resolved

everyone has their opinions
of my future
and I think I've decided
on what I'm doing

it might contradict a few
and break some hearts
and lose a few friends
but its what I want

I've always been taken for granted
but now its my turn
to do everything my way
without stepping on toes

a few ends to tie
and details to work out
before this problem

Donkey Hill

the cool quietness
that fills the outdoors
now seeps into my heart
I can start to breath

walking through the park
not a sole in sight
here my spirit comes to rest
reflecting upon the concrete

happiness rode this path
so did sorrow fall
now these memories well beside
all of them let go

many lives are touched here
everyone knows this place
unsure of its name

The Old Me

We didn't speak today
I laughed lightly with my friends
you didn't catch my eye

school, my sanctum
is filled with light again
again I feel my voice

a smile warms my lips
overshadowing the bitterness
that had taken over

I danced in front of the mirror
and belted out my songs
o how I missed her

I had feared she was lost
but she's changed a little
all for the better

a stronger girl emerged
pushing back the pain
ready to break free

A Whole New World

You never know
how much time you have
until its gone.

maybe a cosmic force
measures out our sand
or its all by chance?

people rush about
trying to get somewhere else
be something else.

what if we took the time
to stop and look around
what would we discover?

Even When It Hurts

Sometimes the ice
used to heal the wound

the flotation device
to keep you up
becomes an anchor

sometimes the best thing to do
is to walk ways