A Poet Never Sleeps

One day you will be faced with the impossible. When you become afraid, become inspired.

25 September 2011


and so falls autumn
The air crisp and cool
Leaves fluttering all about

Couples stroll around the park
The sun setting in the distance
Stars painting the night sky

Kids in spooky costumes
Pumpkins carved with silly faces
Candle light pouring out of their mouths

Hedges laced with cobwebs
Bats hanging from the trees
Owls cry out into the night

Children run down the street
Up to bright lit porches
A bell rings in the distance

The door opens
Candy spills out
Trick – or – Treat


Have you ever had an evening
That didn’t turn out like you planned?

Two friends found new love
One ditched us for another

I learned new things
About my friends
But I have a question

Like why is someone angry
When she is without a date
In a crowd of couples

It does not give her rights
To be a complete bitch

Or why do we take crap
From people around us?
And what will happen
When I say I’ve had enough

Some friends I think will go
When I break from the “queen bee”
But the ones who stay
I know will always be true

There’s this girl
Whom was never very nice
Who is now starting to warm up
Maybe through our mutual friend

Will she leave me
When I decide to go
Or can she work with us both

For all I know
This next week should be fun

08 September 2011

Trust me

I give you my trust
you don't have to ask
but if you lose it
you won't get it back

you know what you did
so don't play the fifth
if i can't trust you now
will i ever again

this thing it was small
but what will you do
when it needs to be kept

you won't be the one i tell
if noone's around
then i'll keep it to myself