A Poet Never Sleeps

One day you will be faced with the impossible. When you become afraid, become inspired.

13 January 2015

To those who run from her

Watch out for the darkness

For she comes creeping in

Her fingers caress the edges

Of everything she sees


She reaches you just before the light does

Always a moment faster

And always there

The twin we try to hide from


She never leaves her sister’s side

But often travels alone

You never have to look for her

She lives within the mirror


She can be warm and kind

Craved by those seek her

Or a cold and harsh mistress

But who does?

I'm a good Christian girl

Quite, respectful, caring, attentive

I volunteer, do well in school

I will always be there, for anyone


I could be a pastor’s wife

An elementary school teacher, a nurse

A big warm family with three little ones



So why did this happen

Why does this keep happening

What have I done to deserve this

How do I make it stop


So alone, so empty

I could use a hug

From someone who understands

This is my story now

I’ll call the cops if I see him again

No you won't

I should slash his tires

Egg his car

Freeze over his windows

But you won't

You’re a good girl

Worried about what will happen afterwards

Instead you go to sleep

Cold, shaky, alone

Unable to stand up for yourself

But, but I can’t

I want to but I can’t

And you never will

Five months till you graduate

Move away, lose your chance

Quite, alone, afraid

Or Find Comfort

Ear plugs

White noise turned up

Crushed under pillows

Mummified by my bedding


I want to scream



I am frozen


Sweat dripping down

Under the blankets

The air thick and damp

Suffocating but I must stay


My whole body shaking

Falling apart

Unable to stay still

To Pay for My Silence: Did You Know Shes Changed Her Sheets?


How are you

I haven’t seen you in a while

Can we talk


You only left three years ago

Now others take your place

Your empty bed now warm

A stranger in your shoes


I can hear them in the night

I don’t sleep much anymore

She asked me once when she was drunk

I said yes to spare her


I pretend I didn’t hear

Didn’t sleep

Little gifts I get each morning  

This is what Beauty is

To be strong

When you want to crumble

To be honest

Even when it hurts

To stand for what’s right

When you’re told it’s wrong

To be different

Even if it’s harder



Tears streaming down your face

Give a hand

As you hit the ground

Speak up for someone else

While being dragged under


May the light never shine on you

For you point it for those who need it