A Poet Never Sleeps

One day you will be faced with the impossible. When you become afraid, become inspired.

13 December 2011

Bi-Polar (did i already post this?)

You came on the computer,
Yelling at me for ignoring you,
I won’t deny , I did ignore,
You said I was “finally” talking to you,
So why did you log off,
When we just started talking.

Well, whatever, it doesn’t matter
You’re not the only fish in the sea,
You can threaten via shotgun
Or get all our friends to leave me,
But FYI , they already knew.

I admit, I wasn’t perfect, but neither were you,
Flirting with other girls,
While I was in the room,
Ignoring me when I was beside you,
Crying when I wasn’t.

I did love you,
But I changed my mind,
Sue me,
I know this is a cliché ,
But I’d like to still be friends,
Not now, but maybe later.

Well, bye , Romeo,
I guess I wasn’t your Juliet,
But I’ll find my Peeta, Jace or Jacob ,
And move on with my life.

You dated my best friend
And moved from girl to girl
Never commiting
But I have news for you

I’ve moved on
And got a life
New friends
And hobbies

I’ve been asked to the dance
But I told him no
He was just another guy
From the same old mold

I hope to meet someone new
As my horoscope said
A guy to treat me right
Something you never did


A body thick with pages
Blood as black as ink
A timeless beauty
Who cannot age a day
My creature comes alive

She has no history
And she’ll never have a future
She’ll never know pain
Nor passion
My creature comes alive

Although she can’t talk
She says many things
She has no hands
but she paints a picture
My creature comes alive

Daughter of sleepless nights,
And star lit days,
My creature came alive.

04 December 2011

Because of You

I get up in the morning
And throw on my favorite clothes
Put on makeup and do my hair

I study all night
And smile when I'm feeling down
Throw my heart into everything I do

I sing along to the radio
And in the shower
I read for all its worth

They say I'm in love with someone else
But you’re always on my mind
A constant reminder

I don’t want to but my heart out there
I don’t want to get hurt
But my walls come down when you’re around

I haven’t seen you in weeks
Or talked you in ages
But I can feel you near

Always in my heart
Pouring out into my poems

01 December 2011

Fairy Tales

As children we all read
Tales of heroes and villains
Filled with  love and loss

Every girl, young or old
Rich or poor
Found her own prince charming

The defeated life and death
Together when they were apart
Nothing could keep them away from each other

Love lit up the night
And death retreated to the shadows
Mastered at last

It was the purest form of love
From deep within their souls
Burning from the depths

Withholding the tests of time
Through thick or thin
Till death do they part

Whether they kissed a frog
Or were locked in a tower
Fell asleep at a spinning wheel

Ate a poisoned apple
Or lived under the sea
Flew on a flying carpet

They all found the one
And so can you

Claire and Jace
Maggie and Farid
Hermione and Ron

22 November 2011

Like You Cared - Poems To A Friend

titling toward the sun
filling our lives with beauty

wishing you were here
sitting besides me now
holding my hand when I’m scared
urging me to try new things

sitting on the beach
sing to our favorite songs
as the fire slowly burns behind us
watching the sun slowly set

its what we say when we're nervous
 not knowing what do to

what has the internet done to life
 not knowing what is true or not
 how can u tell if he really likes you 
when all you get is emails
our parents lives were easier then this

best friends
always by your side
telling them your  heart
knowing their lives better then your own

what is it
a word
 an emotion
 or just a sense of connection
 how do u know if you in love

how can u tell it from in between the lies
who tells it
and u says they do but don't

a childhood memory
riding bikes 
and building snowmen
swing sets and monkey bars

laughing in random outbursts
to jokes said long ago
turning red in the face
or falling to the ground

they clear my mind
never having to make sense
simply flowing out

why do teachers give it
are they just bored
or do they want to keep us from our friends

smiling down on me
a secret source of warmth
making new life grow
sunshine, peeking through the clouds

a single wish
upon a star
or in a well so deep
can keep us hoping
for what is to come

single stars
staring up silently
watching us live our lives
come out
for one
help the poor

if stars were diamonds
I’d make u a necklace
with the moon as the pendant

staring down at me
watching  my every move
helping in my time of need
 knowing my every thought
You are my secret angel

helping the poor
get a better life
fixing wounds
and healing hearts
touching those around you

 sweet and fresh
 a candy cane
 or cold ice cream
stimulating your mind
 and cleaning out you breath

Midnite ( You Were Never Really Mine)

For Midnite who in his life,
Jumped on the Christmas Tree,
Eating tinsel , batting ornaments,
Sleeping in-between presents.

For Midnite who in his life,
Liked eating French fries,
But only ones from McDonalds ,
Licking of my hairspray, or
Eating Dad’s bamboo plant.

For Midnite who in his life,
Walked on a leash through the park
But was no man’s best friend.
Because he had a fear of men,
Hiding underneath the couch , a scardey cat .

For Midnite who in his life,
Was adopted from a shelter,
A little black cat, with pale green eyes,
On the to- be – killed list, but survived,
As my mother’s kitten.

For Midnite who in his  life,
Broke his hip last spring,
Refusing to use the litter box,
Died on my thirteenth birthday,
At the old age of twenty-two,
In my mother’s arms.

For Midnite who will always be,
In our hearts , and always near,
 never really gone,
Silently meowing to be played with ,
Purring like a motor boat.

This Is Me ( A Shortend Version of " Looking Through My Window Pane)

Crazy, fun, without a green thumb, a single fish in the sea,
Lover of summer rain showers, whiskers on kittens and burning the midnight oil,
Who feels confident in myself and others, silly at the oddest of times, and happy as a bee,
Who finds happiness in thick novels, fuzzy slippers , and hot cups of tea,
Who needs my daily soap opera, load rock music, and sleeping in till ten,
Who gives time to help, willingness  to learn, and smiles to the sun,
Who fears the shadows of things unknown, loneliness, and the single crow,
Who would like to see all of  France, the pyramids of Egypt ,and the museums of Greece,
Who enjoys watching rerun movies, trips with my family, and chatting with old friends ,
Who likes to wear ratty jeans ,bright nail polish ,and sparkly rings,
To the world you might be somebody, but to somebody you might be the world ,


Can a heart break,
So many times,
That it cannot heal?
Forever broken

Each time I love
I loss a little bit
Of my self and soul

Some relationships give
Others take it all
I only wish
That I had given more

When you left
You took a part of me
And threw it to the wind
I haven’t seen it since

That hole in my heart
Has not been filled
But simply been ignored
Shoved off to the back

Now its real again
As you leave once more
My heart bleeds for you
And you leave me here to die

They say the world will end
And I'm starting to believe
As you walked out the door
My world ended from within

The Single Rose

Standing tall,
With baby’s breath ,
The morning sun
Shining through the glass,

The children rush in,
She begins to teach
The period passes by,
And the first petal drops

Its lunch time now
The fresh water fills my glass
A few leaves fall, and disappear
The sun shifts again,
Leaving me in the shadows
And the second petal drops

From orange to pink
My  petals fade,
The sun sets,
The children go to sleep,
And the third  petal drops

My breath withers,
My petals droop,
And slowly fall from
My heightened stoop,
Like the moon beams
Coming down ,  they
Lay on the floor,
To stay there for evermore

The Little Orange Fox

The little orange fox
With a tiny black nose,
Sleeping soundly on the book,
The sunshine coming through
The window pane.
Slowly warming his
Thick fur coat

The fire crackles,
The embers glow,
Snow is falling down,
It’s mid- February and
The smell of roses fills
The room .

The door opens,
A breeze rushes in,
He awakens from his nap,
Opening one eye, he glances around
In she walks, with coffee cup in hand.
Ready for the new day .

The Fairy Princess

Glinting through the air
Quicker than a snap,
A drop of light in the starry sky .
The fairy princess has arrived .

In a rosy dress,
Sewn by little birds, with
Shoes of glass, blue as sky,
Upon her feet, so small.
The fairy princess has arrived.

Dancing from lily pad,
To water way,
Stopping to chit-chat with passing friends,
A quick hello, a fast goodbye.
The fairy princess has arrived.

Eating dragonfly wings and
Sipping rosebud tea,
A noon-time snack,
Before the nightly feast.
The fairy princess has arrived.

Sleeping in a bed of clouds,
With a blanket of spider’s silk
Dreaming of the days to come.
The fairy princess has arrived.

Swept away, in a world of wonder,
A figment of our imaginations
Our secret hopes,
And farthest dreams.
The fairy princess  in all of us

Dear Miss Evil Marget

Dear Miss Evil Margaret,
Ms. Young’s not-so-nice twin,
Dressed in black,
Who passes out steps
While drinking her morning coffee.

Dear Miss Evil Margaret,
Yells at the little things,
Sending kids to the hall,
Appearing once in a blue moon.

Dear Miss Evil Margaret,
Getting headaches from jelly beans,
Black like her garb,
Licorice by the handful.

Dear Miss Evil Margaret,
Not so fond of nuts
And little noises, along
Those who pick up early.

Dear Miss Evil Margaret,
The grammarian about whom,
Your mother warned you.  

21 November 2011

A Specail Thanks

Every poet has a beginning
A first reader
A first fan

There’s a few people I’d like to thank
Mrs. Young and Mrs. Hobbs
Anna and Sarah
And Paul …..

The first to read it in its current form

18 November 2011

My Heart Sings

It was feb-u-ary
Just pass my birthday
You gave me roses
And I broke your heart

I was sick of you being so bi-polar
I wanted out of this mess
You flirted with other girls
As I sat there and cried

So I said goodbye

So don’t come coming around
No Begging will help will help you now
I'm never going back to you
So might as well get a life
With a girl who gives a damn

Just get over me
I’ve already moved on
And gotten a new prom date
He’s richer and hotter than you’ll ever be

I was sick of you being so bi-polar
I wanted out of this mess
You flirted with other girls
As I sat there and cried

So I said goodbye

So don’t come coming around
No Begging will help will help you now
I'm never going back to you
So might as well get a life
With a girl who gives a damn

I wasted a whole year with you
Time that’s never coming back

Its Not A Small World After All

If it was teens would have thier say

Why can’t I be taken seriously
In this world full of adults
They look down upon me
Because of my age

I'm smart enough to work
And responsible too
But how come I cant’ get respect
Where I need it most

Respect at home?
Ya right,
Dad tries but talks to me like I'm 10
Mom yells and doesn’t care

Respect at school?
No, I'm an underclassmen
I'm not a honor student
So teachers don’t care

I never get my say in things
Invites, rides and meals
Sure they try
But never really care

Freedom of speech is a relative term
As long as you say what they want
Talk back and your punished
Speak your mind and be ignored

They sit and talk about things I shouldn’t hear
Assuming I don’t understand
As if I'm not even hear
I believe that the walls have ears

But I have goals and dreams
A few to fight for
But its hard to stay ahead
When I keep falling down.

11 November 2011

In the Shower ( a note on my to do page)

In another life
I had my own prince charming
But time took its toll
And here I am today

Each year I’ve had to restart
From the smart bitchy popular girls
To our queen bee cliché
So here I am today,
 somewhere in the middle

Only partially honors,
Not really popular,
An outsider to the band geeks,
And a poet in the shadows

Will the time come
When I find out who I am?
Which friends will stick
And who keeps moving on?

02 November 2011

To Be or Not To Be

Everybody’s got expectations for me,
Marching band, swim team , and musical,
Rugby, poms and the paper

There’s things I'm passionate about
Poetry, reading, helping and engineering,

And things I want to do
Tennis, writing and photography

There’s so many skills to learn
Clarinet and marching, props and tennis

I edit, I write, I work, I play
But who am I ?

31 October 2011


Opposites attract
And fight against each other

Fire and Ice
Heaven and Hell
Capulet and Montague

Its all a contradiction
Really all the same

Life and Death
Love and Loss
Good and Evil

Time is an illusion
A circle we’re passing through

Fire and Ice
Light and Dark
The Sun and the Stars

How can we judge
without being judged?

Tall or Short
Thin or Fat
Beautiful or Ugly

Next time you see something odd
Look again

And remember…..
Life’s a contradiction

02 October 2011

Changing Life and Love

Leaves flutter to the ground
As the wind blows through the trees
The air grow crisp
As the sun begins to set

I walk down a dim path
Filled with memories
Of love and loss
Life and death

Skipping with my grandfather
Walking my lost dog
Kissing my first love
And mending my broken heart
As the seasons change
Color all about
I change in a brand new way
Into a girl unknown

Friends from last year leave
New ones come around
Others stay the same
The next will always change

Candles light
Like my inspiration
Burn brightly
In a sea on darkness

Standing in the leaves
A moment of serenity
I find my peace.

25 September 2011


and so falls autumn
The air crisp and cool
Leaves fluttering all about

Couples stroll around the park
The sun setting in the distance
Stars painting the night sky

Kids in spooky costumes
Pumpkins carved with silly faces
Candle light pouring out of their mouths

Hedges laced with cobwebs
Bats hanging from the trees
Owls cry out into the night

Children run down the street
Up to bright lit porches
A bell rings in the distance

The door opens
Candy spills out
Trick – or – Treat


Have you ever had an evening
That didn’t turn out like you planned?

Two friends found new love
One ditched us for another

I learned new things
About my friends
But I have a question

Like why is someone angry
When she is without a date
In a crowd of couples

It does not give her rights
To be a complete bitch

Or why do we take crap
From people around us?
And what will happen
When I say I’ve had enough

Some friends I think will go
When I break from the “queen bee”
But the ones who stay
I know will always be true

There’s this girl
Whom was never very nice
Who is now starting to warm up
Maybe through our mutual friend

Will she leave me
When I decide to go
Or can she work with us both

For all I know
This next week should be fun

08 September 2011

Trust me

I give you my trust
you don't have to ask
but if you lose it
you won't get it back

you know what you did
so don't play the fifth
if i can't trust you now
will i ever again

this thing it was small
but what will you do
when it needs to be kept

you won't be the one i tell
if noone's around
then i'll keep it to myself

27 August 2011


yesterday i cried
and then again today
im not sure what went wrong
it wasn't ment to be

did the lines get crossed
because i can't hear you now
your lies stain my cheeks

i can't keep getting used by you
at your slightest whim
i feel like i should just walk away
never to look back

i've laughed more then i cried
but when i cry it hurts
all the joy is gone
replaced by deep sorrow

but im seeing you tommorrow
and you'll never know i cried
so for now
all i can do is write

21 August 2011

I want to change the world

Happiness comes for the little things,
Summer rain showers and sunny days,
Trips to the mall and my funny cats,
A new pair of shoes or the latest movie.

Beauty comes for within,
Your personality and confidence,
A smile and a laugh.
What really makes a girl perfect?
How she views herself .

Love is unconditional ,
Hope is never ending,
Joy comes from within,
And peace can be world wide,
Hunger doesn’t have to be a problem,
And you don’t need money to be happy.

I want to change the world ,
To end sorrow and disease.
Why would someone hurt another?
I’ll make a plan to stop it all.

Anything can be done,
If you just believe,
That love is louder,
Than the pressure to be perfect.

14 August 2011

Spazzz and Stella ( My Not-So-Little Cats)

Sleeping the day away,
A love without an end,
There in the morning ,
And then in the eve,
My cats are always here.

Stretching out in the sun,
And curling up in the cold,
Peeking out the window ,
To watch the birds fly by.

She wakes me in the morning ,
And crawls across my desk,
As she “helps” me with  my homework,
Always looking for attention.

Walking in a line,
with  an untold grace,
a watchful eye,
constantly investigation,
life as it moves on.

loving, playing, napping,
life for a cat is good.

20 June 2011

The Truth

Have you ever told the truth
 about someone you love,
 instead of lying
 to protect them?

 its now fun =(
the guilt inside my heart
eating at the seams
a pain from within

sometimes the truth hurts
and isn’t always right
speaking your mind can be bad
but telling the truth is worse

some are happy truths
love and acceptance
others are very bad
death loses and pain.

How do you pick which ones to tell
Who to help and hurt
Doing what’s right and wrong
Walking down the line

13 June 2011

My Prince Charming

As it rains above,
A few questions come to mind,
Is he out there somewhere?
Can he hear the thunder?

Standing in the street,
He fills my thoughts ,
Rain pouring down on my shoulders,
Wishing he was here.

Ice-y rain coming down,
I dream of my fairy tale ending,
A single kiss in the showers,
Dancing on the pavement.

Wrapped in his favorite  hoodie,
The smell of cologne within,
Sitting on the porch swing ,
Wondering what will happen.

Off in the distance,
A figure comes to form,
I run to open arms,
As the rain trickles over head.

I know I could ask for more,
I can have everything in the world,
But here in the rain,
I have all I need.

12 June 2011


There will always be another challenge
Mental, Physical, Emotional,
Each one comes and goes,
Replaced only  by the next.

One more book to read,
The next problem in the set,
A final page to write,
And the last note to play.

Another mountain to climb,
A mile more to run,
Lap after lap around the lake,
 And one more minute without air.

Teardrops in the rain,
A kiss goodbye,
The never-ending heartbreak,
And the inevitable death of love.

Running the extra mile,
And singing the final notes,
Breaking another heart,
 Striving  towards the goal.

Everyday a challenge
Each one filled with  risk.
Never stopping for a breath
Or to smell the roses.

This is how it starts and ends,
The circle of life,
Entwined within its challenges,
One after another in spins.

08 June 2011

The First Ride

Strapping on my helmet
Wearing well worn jeans
Tying sneaker’s laces

Checking over brakes
And examining the tires
Ready to take off

Soaring on the ground
Wind rushing through my hair
Cotton floating over head

Quickly turning corners
On top of smooth pavement
This is what I’ve waited for

The first ride of the year
On a bike long forgotten
Freedom of the road

Passed the local pool
The bite of chlorine in the air
Children laughing in the distance

Around the baseball diamond
Little league at play
Summer’s favorite sport

Riding until I'm sore
And all my water gone
Now I head for home

But only for the night

19 May 2011

Love Without Pain Is Like Life Without Rain

Love Without Pain Is
Like Life Without Rain
Impossible and needed

I want to walk away
but you keep pulling me back
in your arms
i can never be free

but you cant' live w/o rain
and i need you to live
lessen my sorrows
before the tears come down

I can't leave you
but i want to run
no escape to come
and freedome in sight

but the rain will come
and i will love agian
new hands to hold
safety in the known

18 May 2011

I Find My Peace

Standing in the street,
Rain pouring down,
Birds chirp in the distance,
As water floods the street.

In a hoody, soft and thick,
Jeans cuffed at the bottom,
Deep blue slippers, lined with fur,
Thunder booms in the distance.

Inside mom yells at my brother,
Dad sitting in front of the TV,
Cats whining to be played with,
Mayhem all about.

So here I stand,
With my pink umbrella,
In my moment of serneity,
I find my peace.

17 May 2011


Sleep is all I need
A hot cup of sweet coffee
A fluffy Pilliow

I'd love to be Perfect

 if The power of love
is always louder
then the pressure
to be prefect

then why do we compare ourselves
to others just the same
judjuing the unjudgable
why can't we just get allong

look in the mirror and think
what are our flaws
do they really exsite
who are we trying to impress

if the person loves us
then why do we have to change
if they don't
then why are we trying to get aproval

are they worth it
if they can't see the real you
if they don't accept us
then we should just go

I'd love to be perfect
but it doesn't exist
you can have it all
without love in your heart

Stud. Co.

student counsil, politics,
are nothing but for fame,
who is best among peers
and payment to support their lies

it is not, of who is best
but who is with the most
they run for collage cred.
and power over all

not for those they represent
not caring for the little peps
subejects, only minions
not pride in thier people

out to impress friends
built upon silbing honour
with nothing of their own
powerless in reality

but why to these fakes win
over the rights of truth
the real winners
never to claim the throne

14 May 2011

Kissed in the Rain

Every girl wants to be kissed in the rain,
To be told we’re beautiful,
We all want to find the one,
And live happily ever after.
But what do you do?
When it doesn’t rain,
Or we’re having a bad hair day,
When he’s not the one.
We go to friends for support,
Who will always be there for us,
And we dance the night away,
Singing to our hearts content.
Waiting for the one to come,
And kiss us in the rain,
Making our dreams come true,
To life happily ever after .

Back-Seat Friend

Do you know what’s funny,
You’ve been around each time I’ve cried,
I cried when I needed to say goodbye,
And then when I had to leave,
I cried when you shoved me to the back .

Twice this week,
I’ve cried for you,
And now I am again,
Why can’t I just forget,
That you were ever in my life.
Wouldn’t that be easy ?

Do you get that its you,
That I'm crying about,
I'm not so sure,
Because you said that you love me,
No matter what everyone else says,
But then you ignore me ,
When someone better is around,
Social suicide.
Is what you called being with me.

13 May 2011

Smile Through the Pain

Eyes of the deepest blue
But lighter in the middle,
Rimmed in coal black liner,
Cry out tears of salt.
Steady and bitter, with lines of
Mascara running down pale cheeks.

What has caused this pain?
A broken hear, torn in two.
Just barely held together.
Shattered by a single act.
Never to  fully heal again.

Only time can help this hurt,
With nurturing friends along the way, but for
Some of them, help will pull apart the wound,
Not knowing that they do, but
Injuring the one they try to save.

A pain for deep within,
Bubbling to the top,
Pouring out of love sick eyes,
Raining down on untouched shoulders,
Staining the purest heart.

What do you down when you feel so bad?
Crying will only get you so far,
So build yourself a bridge,
And smile through the pain ,
For some day, the void will fill
And you can live without the fear of being hurt  

Not Your Typical Princess


I’m not a typical princess,
I don’t need a prince charming,
I'm not living in a castle ,
Not wearing gowns of silk.

Instead I’ll slay dragons,
And protect my kingdom,
Train for war with the guys,
My hands will be stained with blood.

I’m on the single white horse,
In the front line of the battle,
Forever Queen of the court,
No second in command,
To tell me what do to.

I’m not stuck in the far-off tower,
Or cursed by a fairy godmother.
I won’t fall asleep at the spinning wheel ,
Or eat a poisoned apple.

I'm not a maiden in distress,.
I can save myself for harm,
No need to be protected,
Instead my opponents will .

I'm a force to be reckoned with ,
Monsters run and hide,
Witches flee with warlocks,
And vampires disappear.

I can’t be pushed around ,
Or locked away at night,
For I will never stop,
Until the story ends.

I’ll have my happily ever after,
But I'm writing my own fate,
My fairly tale ending is coming,
And I'm going to live on after.

When you get back

I wake to the cry of birds,
The morning chill still in the air,
Pulling on sweats well loved
I run from the house,
Jogging past neighbors homes
And the local school, not knowing where to go,
But only that I had to, because,
I know you’ll be home soon,
And I don’t wanna be here
when you get back

I Cry

I know I'm not supposed to,
I do it anyways ,
When I'm  in great pain,
Where nothing can get better,
I say I'm fine, lying to my parents,
But when they’re out of sight
I cry