A Poet Never Sleeps

One day you will be faced with the impossible. When you become afraid, become inspired.

13 August 2014

I cry when noone looks

Forced to age

In a blink

In a flash

In the time it took to look back


The unspoken words

Sit heavy in my chest

This responsibility

I choke down




My only regret

Taking out of my anger

The one who understands

This is when i am beautiful

In the morning

Face round with sleep

Hair a greasy mess

Spilling from a stretched night shirt

And lips tight over braces


In the evening

Eyes weary with exhaustion

Makeup smudged

Fighting to stay awake


Same tired smile

Yet unchanged by society  

To old ways

I can finally breathe

Stretching without the weight

My fingers still reach to adjust the straps

Only to find bear skin


Dazed by blinding light

Only to realize I lived in the dark

This light I see

Had been there all along


I see my cruel mistress

Yet my heart does not call out

For I shall never return

What keeps us from our pedistal

Don’t do something

Because it’s easy

No, do it for the challenge  


Never be the brightest in the room

For what will you learn

But only how to dwindle your time


Of all the deadly sins

Lust, greed, deceit, gluttony

Perhaps sloth the worst of all


Why give in

With the finish line in sight


When a dish falling

Sounds like the echo of a bomb

A whispered work

An order shouted

A glance becomes daggers


Where once a great councilor lead

Now dying solders run their own

Camped in what was a mighty fortress

Now they cower in crumbling ruins

Unable to stand their ground


This constant

Battle against the unslayable beast

Redefining fighting on the home front

For you sleep with your enemy.  

A Hidden Perfection

She does not need tight shirts

Or sky high heels

She doesn’t need push up bras

Or pounds of make up


She has subtle grace

And class

She has peaceful happiness

And a razor sharp wit


Wise beyond her years

She’s left the cocoon of petty youth

No longer does she slip into jealous rage

Instead maternal understanding overflows  

The life you save may be your own

Take every action with heed

A butterfly’s wave of sorrow

Who knows what weight others bear

A simple work can lift one up

Or crush them to the ground

Beneath a leaden boot


A minuscule jester of love

May change someone’s world

For love is kindness’s work boots


Never overlook a foe

Nor burn a broken bridge

Underneath may shine anew

Fiction of the Past

Our truths
space travel, computers
heath and happiness

Dare I Disturb The Universe

For the first time in forever

The universe rests in my palms

Destroyed with a swift tip


Supreme power courses through my veins

Rendering others powerless

Helpless victims to my will


No great pain would I receive

No lasting problems would occur

Yet I will refrain

Even the White Dove Has More Personality

So many pine for loves embrace

Changing their soul in desperation

Carving themselves to fit the mold


Their only passion, society’s

Saying, thinking, only what they ought

Uniquely black and white




You must live to love life

For who can cherish a blank wall

It is life who throws the paint

Her Fate Dangles Before Our Eyes

Her Dangles Fate Before Our Eyes


Behind Opaque glass

The future sits

O how I hunger for it


Its outline blurred by doubt

Chained back by the present

My fingers barely skim the surface


Weak with want

Craving the taste upon my lips

An obsessive passion


Everyone desires the caress of this cruel mistress

Cheating life for her embrace

Only to have her slip through outstretched fingers



To Grow Into Something More

How is a fire to burn

Without fuel

A spark doomed to die


Never be the smartest man in the room

For you stand in the wrong place

A spark doomed to die


Trapped in an empty tomb

A blank canvas without paint

A spark doomed to die


Eventually a brilliant mind wilts

If kept from stirring force

Or Drown In The Process


Blow after blow after blow

Draining away my smile

With each hit

The basin runs dry


Roll with the punches

Or they will knock you down

As you writhe upon the ground

It will come back with swift kicks


Only when you cry out

Do others take notice

Sneering at your weakness

Scared to admit that they harbor their own


Life continues to move on

Rushing by increasingly fast

So you must stand again