A Poet Never Sleeps

One day you will be faced with the impossible. When you become afraid, become inspired.

13 December 2011

Bi-Polar (did i already post this?)

You came on the computer,
Yelling at me for ignoring you,
I won’t deny , I did ignore,
You said I was “finally” talking to you,
So why did you log off,
When we just started talking.

Well, whatever, it doesn’t matter
You’re not the only fish in the sea,
You can threaten via shotgun
Or get all our friends to leave me,
But FYI , they already knew.

I admit, I wasn’t perfect, but neither were you,
Flirting with other girls,
While I was in the room,
Ignoring me when I was beside you,
Crying when I wasn’t.

I did love you,
But I changed my mind,
Sue me,
I know this is a cliché ,
But I’d like to still be friends,
Not now, but maybe later.

Well, bye , Romeo,
I guess I wasn’t your Juliet,
But I’ll find my Peeta, Jace or Jacob ,
And move on with my life.

You dated my best friend
And moved from girl to girl
Never commiting
But I have news for you

I’ve moved on
And got a life
New friends
And hobbies

I’ve been asked to the dance
But I told him no
He was just another guy
From the same old mold

I hope to meet someone new
As my horoscope said
A guy to treat me right
Something you never did


A body thick with pages
Blood as black as ink
A timeless beauty
Who cannot age a day
My creature comes alive

She has no history
And she’ll never have a future
She’ll never know pain
Nor passion
My creature comes alive

Although she can’t talk
She says many things
She has no hands
but she paints a picture
My creature comes alive

Daughter of sleepless nights,
And star lit days,
My creature came alive.

04 December 2011

Because of You

I get up in the morning
And throw on my favorite clothes
Put on makeup and do my hair

I study all night
And smile when I'm feeling down
Throw my heart into everything I do

I sing along to the radio
And in the shower
I read for all its worth

They say I'm in love with someone else
But you’re always on my mind
A constant reminder

I don’t want to but my heart out there
I don’t want to get hurt
But my walls come down when you’re around

I haven’t seen you in weeks
Or talked you in ages
But I can feel you near

Always in my heart
Pouring out into my poems

01 December 2011

Fairy Tales

As children we all read
Tales of heroes and villains
Filled with  love and loss

Every girl, young or old
Rich or poor
Found her own prince charming

The defeated life and death
Together when they were apart
Nothing could keep them away from each other

Love lit up the night
And death retreated to the shadows
Mastered at last

It was the purest form of love
From deep within their souls
Burning from the depths

Withholding the tests of time
Through thick or thin
Till death do they part

Whether they kissed a frog
Or were locked in a tower
Fell asleep at a spinning wheel

Ate a poisoned apple
Or lived under the sea
Flew on a flying carpet

They all found the one
And so can you

Claire and Jace
Maggie and Farid
Hermione and Ron