A Poet Never Sleeps

One day you will be faced with the impossible. When you become afraid, become inspired.

16 March 2013

Back to The Sunshine Birds

the birds returned to sing
and the sun bestows her kisses
a gentle breeze cools the warming air
a tinge of green appears

walking through the greens
a sweater pulled around
children laugh, hanging from above
a baseball rolls to my feet

a constant drumming pounds on
shaking the ground I walk on
as soon as I adjust
the waves change and start again

I'm going back to the clouds
where these termers go unnoticed
a jump a hand and I'm out


Look at the box you find yourself trapped in
are you happy here?
or do you want to change?

look in the mirror
the girl you find there
what does she think?

who is stopping you?
only yourself
so go be who you want

with faith and confidence
be fearlessly

And Set Me Free

sleep all day and night
yet the drowsiness will not break
instead I pull farther in
a deathly embrace

I jump one and move ahead
running from the dark
but she always catches up
using her tricks to break me

bitter illness seeps in
not six months pass between
march stepped across
although the action is injured by the guilty

kid gloves donned again
I wish for renewal
to stop this madness

10 March 2013

Becoming a Casual Observer

this battle come one sided
an attack on those unprepared
not to say that I am an angel
but you were in the wrong

I do not wish you sorrow
instead your joy is something you deserve
though what you suffer now
has no pull upon my heart

I refuse to drop what I've gathered
many steps I take without you
may our names stop interchanging
and I can walk without your shadow

I think I will encourage this
it might start to solve the problems
although your family I will not leave
I can step aside for now

Shall Change Us Both Forever

I will never stop loving you
but our time must come to end
till you resolve your issues
harbored in your life

I guess I must give thanks
that it was I you lashed out on
for I will always love you
where as others not so lenient

your presence is not needed
no more must we fight
the activity that drew us together
has run its course

when, if , you come to heal
still here I will stand
but be warned
this year long fight

although time moves on
this page sat still in time
emotions have changed
but history has not