A Poet Never Sleeps

One day you will be faced with the impossible. When you become afraid, become inspired.

31 August 2012

Highschool Circus

Smiles painted on,
Dressed in a rainbow.
Stripes dancing in the light,
Spots sprinkled about.

Popcorn crushed to the floor,
And the roar of the crowd.
Tittering above on fake height ,
Juggling life’s many challenges.

Following the ringleader,
Doing as she say.
Living only for the spotlight,
Your moment to shine.

Constantly being watched,
And all you can do is laugh.

25 August 2012

Clark Kent ( Integrety)

Great things happen in the shadows
Unheard by common ears
Changing the lives of others

Service above self
No recognition
But a sense of accomplishment

Modesty for the biggest thing
Avoiding fame or fortune
Under another face

Understudy in My Life

Wanting someone in life
But not the awkward trying

To go out and date
But not against wishes

Free of worry or care
Just happiness

Is that possible?
Otherwise why bother

Endless time
So why try now

To prepare for the future?
Or to fit in

For my own
Or selfish gain

Something There That Wasn't There Before

All this time
Its been no,
Not now, no questions.

No time or desire
Always happy and having fun
But something’s changed

Life is going great
More fun then ever
But a desire to share

Yes there are friends
But something’s missing
A connection

Was it pressure from school
A simple change of heart
Or maybe person changed my mind

Whatever this is
hang on till the end
Hoping all the way

Breaking Up and Falling Apart

His jersey, hanging around your shoulders,
Aftershave seeping from its pores
Him labeling you as his

The school years continues
You fall apart
Busy in your own

You with theater and yearbook
Him only with the game
Seeing each-other during lunch

Soon small things break
Causing little fights
Pulling at the seams

At last the threads break
Promising to be friends
You finally say ado

All this time a

In Between

Walking between class,
Hand in hand
Fighting to stay together.

Dances pass,
As blurs of light and sound
Swaying in place

Throwing notes in math class
Whispered conversations
Kissing between sentences

 Little things keeping us together
Making every moment count
You might have found the


22 August 2012

The Kiss

Tension in the air,
Thick enough to grasp,
Walking  to the porch .

A tilt of the head.
Slowly bending down .
Raising up on tiptoes .

Slow. Soft. Sweet.
Starting on the outer edges,
Working in .

Spreading to fingertips,
Arms around his neck.
While he pulls you in .

And its over
But it will never end,
Instead lives on.


The First Date

Up and down it goes
A quick meeting with dad
And the night begins

To play miniature golf
Where he helped you with your swing
His arms lingering around your waist

Then to fries
Dipped into a shake
And hamburgers thick

Laughing to stupid jokes
Discussing things in common
Anticipation raising

When the evening ends
And its time to say

In The Begining

Midnight walks by the moon,
Roses left in lockers ,
Notes slipped into pockets,

The warmth of his hand
As it slides into yours
When you least expect it.

His smile that curls up in the corners
And you know its just for you
For a moment in time, he’s yours.

Early in its life it blossoms
A little glint of hope

Start of Something New

A single spark
Across the room

Cheeks in pretty flush
Butterflies dancing

Hidden smiles
Nervous glances

One word to start it all

Only Half the Story

Out ward appearances mean nothing,
Something, everything,
Depending on the point of view.

True love portrayed,
Masking black distain,
Or simple regret.

Easily fall in love,
While feeling impartial ,
Saying I do for the wrong reasons.

A smoky crystal,
Swinging back and forth.

This year holds many changes,
But most of all,

No intentions to hurt anyone,
A few toes are stepped on,
Bridges will be crossed .

Sugarcoated and twisted
Love has many faces.