A Poet Never Sleeps

One day you will be faced with the impossible. When you become afraid, become inspired.

29 March 2012

In Love With Spring

Air tinged warm
Evening cool and crisp
Flower wake from a frosty sleep
As the night shines less and less

Anticipation for finals
Cool afternoon rain
New novels with cracked spines
Birds returning with the sun
Laughter of friends making summer plans

Two Sides of a Coin

Superstition: black cats and spilled salt
Walking under ladders and stepping on cracks
The number thirteen and broken mirrors
What dictates your life?

Luck: it comes in many forms
Rabbits feet, four leaf clovers
Horse shoes and shooting stars
But in the end, we decide our fate


Drawn between people
Blending and dividing
A few jump within
without thinking of the rules

lunch tables draw people together
when they stand apart in the evening
we all make bonds
in order to fight for security

some rules are meant to be broken
so that something new can grow
from the ashes of the old
out springs a new

in the world of frenimes
and just-friends-for-now’s  
true friends shine bright
without worrying about appearances

Roller Coaster ( a song)

Verse One :
Like a TV my heart keeps changing
Like wave my heart keeps crashing
As I try to pick up all the pieces
I can’t get you off my mind

One foot in front of the other
A step into our future
Not a road map in sight
Its just you and me

You mess with my heart
No GPS they say love is blind
No light in my path

with  our ups and down
I keep spinning around
Where we’re going now
Its like riding on a roller coaster

Verse Two
You stare across the room
And say you feel it too
But the way you dance with other girls
Make me wonder if I can turn around

Every kiss a new destination
Each day a new way to travel
I don’t know where we’re going
But its just around the corner


Verse Three
Put on your favorite color
And throw up my hair
I keep on waiting
To see if you’re their

A new adventure coming
I don’t know where to go
But as long you’re here
Its all I need to know


Final Verse
But its time for you to go
I can’t be your girl no more
I need to be free
And like a flat tire you need to change

I’m stuck on this highway for eternity
So you better buckle up if your along for the ride
Because there’s no time to rest