A Poet Never Sleeps

One day you will be faced with the impossible. When you become afraid, become inspired.

19 May 2011

Love Without Pain Is Like Life Without Rain

Love Without Pain Is
Like Life Without Rain
Impossible and needed

I want to walk away
but you keep pulling me back
in your arms
i can never be free

but you cant' live w/o rain
and i need you to live
lessen my sorrows
before the tears come down

I can't leave you
but i want to run
no escape to come
and freedome in sight

but the rain will come
and i will love agian
new hands to hold
safety in the known

18 May 2011

I Find My Peace

Standing in the street,
Rain pouring down,
Birds chirp in the distance,
As water floods the street.

In a hoody, soft and thick,
Jeans cuffed at the bottom,
Deep blue slippers, lined with fur,
Thunder booms in the distance.

Inside mom yells at my brother,
Dad sitting in front of the TV,
Cats whining to be played with,
Mayhem all about.

So here I stand,
With my pink umbrella,
In my moment of serneity,
I find my peace.

17 May 2011


Sleep is all I need
A hot cup of sweet coffee
A fluffy Pilliow

I'd love to be Perfect

 if The power of love
is always louder
then the pressure
to be prefect

then why do we compare ourselves
to others just the same
judjuing the unjudgable
why can't we just get allong

look in the mirror and think
what are our flaws
do they really exsite
who are we trying to impress

if the person loves us
then why do we have to change
if they don't
then why are we trying to get aproval

are they worth it
if they can't see the real you
if they don't accept us
then we should just go

I'd love to be perfect
but it doesn't exist
you can have it all
without love in your heart

Stud. Co.

student counsil, politics,
are nothing but for fame,
who is best among peers
and payment to support their lies

it is not, of who is best
but who is with the most
they run for collage cred.
and power over all

not for those they represent
not caring for the little peps
subejects, only minions
not pride in thier people

out to impress friends
built upon silbing honour
with nothing of their own
powerless in reality

but why to these fakes win
over the rights of truth
the real winners
never to claim the throne

14 May 2011

Kissed in the Rain

Every girl wants to be kissed in the rain,
To be told we’re beautiful,
We all want to find the one,
And live happily ever after.
But what do you do?
When it doesn’t rain,
Or we’re having a bad hair day,
When he’s not the one.
We go to friends for support,
Who will always be there for us,
And we dance the night away,
Singing to our hearts content.
Waiting for the one to come,
And kiss us in the rain,
Making our dreams come true,
To life happily ever after .

Back-Seat Friend

Do you know what’s funny,
You’ve been around each time I’ve cried,
I cried when I needed to say goodbye,
And then when I had to leave,
I cried when you shoved me to the back .

Twice this week,
I’ve cried for you,
And now I am again,
Why can’t I just forget,
That you were ever in my life.
Wouldn’t that be easy ?

Do you get that its you,
That I'm crying about,
I'm not so sure,
Because you said that you love me,
No matter what everyone else says,
But then you ignore me ,
When someone better is around,
Social suicide.
Is what you called being with me.

13 May 2011

Smile Through the Pain

Eyes of the deepest blue
But lighter in the middle,
Rimmed in coal black liner,
Cry out tears of salt.
Steady and bitter, with lines of
Mascara running down pale cheeks.

What has caused this pain?
A broken hear, torn in two.
Just barely held together.
Shattered by a single act.
Never to  fully heal again.

Only time can help this hurt,
With nurturing friends along the way, but for
Some of them, help will pull apart the wound,
Not knowing that they do, but
Injuring the one they try to save.

A pain for deep within,
Bubbling to the top,
Pouring out of love sick eyes,
Raining down on untouched shoulders,
Staining the purest heart.

What do you down when you feel so bad?
Crying will only get you so far,
So build yourself a bridge,
And smile through the pain ,
For some day, the void will fill
And you can live without the fear of being hurt  

Not Your Typical Princess


I’m not a typical princess,
I don’t need a prince charming,
I'm not living in a castle ,
Not wearing gowns of silk.

Instead I’ll slay dragons,
And protect my kingdom,
Train for war with the guys,
My hands will be stained with blood.

I’m on the single white horse,
In the front line of the battle,
Forever Queen of the court,
No second in command,
To tell me what do to.

I’m not stuck in the far-off tower,
Or cursed by a fairy godmother.
I won’t fall asleep at the spinning wheel ,
Or eat a poisoned apple.

I'm not a maiden in distress,.
I can save myself for harm,
No need to be protected,
Instead my opponents will .

I'm a force to be reckoned with ,
Monsters run and hide,
Witches flee with warlocks,
And vampires disappear.

I can’t be pushed around ,
Or locked away at night,
For I will never stop,
Until the story ends.

I’ll have my happily ever after,
But I'm writing my own fate,
My fairly tale ending is coming,
And I'm going to live on after.

When you get back

I wake to the cry of birds,
The morning chill still in the air,
Pulling on sweats well loved
I run from the house,
Jogging past neighbors homes
And the local school, not knowing where to go,
But only that I had to, because,
I know you’ll be home soon,
And I don’t wanna be here
when you get back

I Cry

I know I'm not supposed to,
I do it anyways ,
When I'm  in great pain,
Where nothing can get better,
I say I'm fine, lying to my parents,
But when they’re out of sight
I cry