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18 November 2011

Its Not A Small World After All

If it was teens would have thier say

Why can’t I be taken seriously
In this world full of adults
They look down upon me
Because of my age

I'm smart enough to work
And responsible too
But how come I cant’ get respect
Where I need it most

Respect at home?
Ya right,
Dad tries but talks to me like I'm 10
Mom yells and doesn’t care

Respect at school?
No, I'm an underclassmen
I'm not a honor student
So teachers don’t care

I never get my say in things
Invites, rides and meals
Sure they try
But never really care

Freedom of speech is a relative term
As long as you say what they want
Talk back and your punished
Speak your mind and be ignored

They sit and talk about things I shouldn’t hear
Assuming I don’t understand
As if I'm not even hear
I believe that the walls have ears

But I have goals and dreams
A few to fight for
But its hard to stay ahead
When I keep falling down.

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