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One day you will be faced with the impossible. When you become afraid, become inspired.

22 November 2011

The Fairy Princess

Glinting through the air
Quicker than a snap,
A drop of light in the starry sky .
The fairy princess has arrived .

In a rosy dress,
Sewn by little birds, with
Shoes of glass, blue as sky,
Upon her feet, so small.
The fairy princess has arrived.

Dancing from lily pad,
To water way,
Stopping to chit-chat with passing friends,
A quick hello, a fast goodbye.
The fairy princess has arrived.

Eating dragonfly wings and
Sipping rosebud tea,
A noon-time snack,
Before the nightly feast.
The fairy princess has arrived.

Sleeping in a bed of clouds,
With a blanket of spider’s silk
Dreaming of the days to come.
The fairy princess has arrived.

Swept away, in a world of wonder,
A figment of our imaginations
Our secret hopes,
And farthest dreams.
The fairy princess  in all of us

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